Tuesday Tidbits #83 Our Pennsylvania Gardens

Hello and Welcome In …for Tuesday Tidbits. Glad to have you over for a visit.

From Irises last week in our yard to Roses this week. This rose is named Miranda Lambert and we purchased her at Home Depot two years ago. I just learned that a certain percentage of the purchase of her roses goes to Miranda’s MuttNation Foundation which promotes the adoption of Shelter Pets. Well isn’t that nice! That made my heart happy.💗

Speaking of happy… I’ve been very happy with all the roses in our yard. This one is called Popcorn.

And even though I don’t know the name of the following one… I love it!

And my neighbor’s Peace Rose bloomed just in time for a lovely summer shower.

After lots of weeding, trimming, pruning and cutting …the yard is looking wonderful and so are the gardens.

Even the birds are rejoicing!

I did cut some flowers for our first Summer Bouquet.

As you know… if I like something… I buy a few more. Many of us call it collecting. 😉

These Rooster Jugs are made in Italy… and I have them out here in the kitchen year round. I love them and want to purchase a few more.

I’m glad that Summer is here so that we can sit out on the back patio and waste the day away. I don’t think we are wasting it away… but we are relaxing!

I hope your summer days are being filled with fun and relaxation. I know the Pandemic is still lurking out there… so we still need to be cautious. Our county here in NW Pennsylvania has flattened the curve and we just got the go ahead for indoor dining, spas and gyms to open at 50% capacity. Numbers are low here. And masks are mandatory in almost all establishments. I appreciate that masks are mandatory! I’m glad we left the high numbers in Arizona. But worry for my AZ friends.

Stay well and stay safe my friends. May your days be filled with sunshine, sunsets and sunrises!

A beautiful sunrise in our backyard while making coffee one morning.
Sunny days for all!
A sunset over our favorite lake.

Thank you for stopping in and taking the time to follow along. I really do appreciate all of you.

42 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #83 Our Pennsylvania Gardens

    1. Oh Mr. Mark… you gave me my morning chuckle!

      I have two of these roses and they are in full bloom and they indeed love the “country sunshine!”

      Happy Tuesday my friend!

    1. Oh we know how blessed we are. We are glad to still have the old homestead here in Pennsylvania. Usually we would gather all the family here but with this darn pandemic it’s a little harder to do.

      We do enjoy the different landscapes as well. And seeing Mom’s flowers reappear after being planted 50-60 some years ago!

      And how about that Miranda Lambert Country Rose! 💗

      Thank you for stopping by! Happy Tuesday!

    1. Good Morning Ingrid! I’m glad you enjoyed!

      It’s great to be back at the ole Homestead.

      Happy Tuesday my friend! Hope you have a fabulous week!

  1. Nancy, all of your flowers are beautiful! I saw a popcorn rose bush just like the one you have at a local nursery. I wish I would of purchased it. I adore your Rooster pitcher collection. I have one with some of my zinnias in it sitting in my kitchen window seal. Our numbers in Oklahoma are growing every day. Everything has opened back up, but we are still being very cautious and staying close to home. Stay safe, and enjoy your day, sweet friend!

    1. This pandemic is just not fun anymore …is it? Ugh!

      I am glad to hear you have a rooster pitcher. They are fun. I shared a story on my IG account as to how this pottery got started in Italy. I hope you can read it. It’s pretty interesting.

      And we are always happy to get back to the Ole Homestead in the summer. It’s also wonderful to care for different gardens that we are use to in the Southwest.

      Happy Tuesday Shannon! Enjoy your day!

  2. You live in a beautiful place! I love all your roses, but the popcorn one sort of struck me. Perhaps because it’s different, and subtle. My mom always had a peace rose. I did too for a few years, but not for a long time. I always enjoy seeing other people’s, reminds me of her. Thanks for sharing your yard!

    1. And thank you for coming over!
      Yes that popcorn rose is quite interesting. They are little buds that open up like a piece of popcorn! It’s why I bought it.
      Thank you for the visit and Happy Tuesday to you and Katie!

  3. I love your collection of roses and colorful pitchers! These scenes are peaceful. Beautiful images Nancy. Happy to hear you are safe and relaxing in the mild climate!

    1. It is mild but a touch of humidity. Lol!

      I am glad you enjoyed the flowers. Are you on Instagram by any chance? I shared an interesting story on how these Italian pitchers got their start.

      Have a beautiful Tuesday and thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind words! 😊

      1. Hi Nancy! I would love to see your instagram story but I’m only on here and Twitter @squareonenotes

        I look forward to your content, it’s always bright and fun! Take good care!

  4. Ah, Wednesday morning and time for Nancy’s Tuesday Tidbits. Love the roses and the short walk around your garden. It certainly has gone a long way this morning.

  5. Oh that Miranda Lambert rose definitely thrives in a country setting. Is the popcorn a drift rose? I thoroughly enjoyed my walk through your beautiful gardens. They appear healthy and thriving. The Italian pitchers are so lovely and whimsical. The sunrises and sunsets are beautiful my friend. Happy Gardening and Relaxing!

    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed your walk through our gardens. It took some work to get the, back under control but all is well.

      Yes that is a Popcorn Drift Rose. I really enjoy how it blooms.

      Happy Tuesday my dear friend. Enjoy your week!

  6. All the beautiful details around your summerhouse makes me smile. That first rose (Miranda Lambert) is just the most beautiful rose I’ve ever seen. I would wish wonderful summer days for you, but I can tell that you are already enjoying them, so let’s toast to more relaxing summer days 🙂

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