Tuesday Tidbits #89 The Livin’ is Good

Hi Everyone! It’s Tuesday and the Livin’ is Good!

Summer fun is happening all around us! The Captain …aka Sweet Man …took us for a boat ride. We definitely enjoyed ourselves!

The weather was fabulous up until a few days ago then the rain came. We are ready to build an ark. But I guess the flowers are enjoying it.

Because of all the rain we have decided that the corn is going to be over 10 ft. tall! It doesn’t matter to me as long as the sweet corn keeps coming! It’s been so good this summer.

The zucchini, summer squash and beans have been abundant! Which means lots of fresh summer meals have been made.

We even had our first harvest of tomatoes and a pepper!

The summer critters are still tormenting us.

Mr. Groundhog was spotted today. He’s been trying to take up residence under our sunroom. Grrrr!

We tried trapping him but he was not interested in the meal we left for him inside the trap.

And to make matters worse… this little squirrel is trying to live in our garage! Grrrrr… again!

At least the birds are staying where they are suppose to be!

And with all that critter excitement we are putting down a new floor in the kitchen. (Actually sweet man is… I’m the supervisor!) Pretty exciting stuff happening over here at Two Trails One Road!

And to think we were leaving for Germany and Italy this time last year… … … …

Neuschwanstein Castle

It’s okay… we all will all travel again… someday.

Until then …we will enjoy our close to home Summertime Fun!

I hope this finds you all well. Please take care my friends and whatever you do please stay safe.

44 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #89 The Livin’ is Good

    1. Thanks for enjoying today’s post! I have to say… it’s been another whirlwind week at home and I was wondering what I was going to post. Lol!
      I’m looking forward to sharing the kitchen floor picture soon! Take care Mr. Chris!

  1. Good luck with the groundhog, Nance. We had to let squirrels loose from the trap many, many times before we caught the big one and took it miles away to a more suitable habitat!

    1. Good Morning Mr. Mark…
      We are hoping for that to happen! They are just getting me a bit disturbed… you should have seen when the squirrel ran right past my feet in the garage. He went flying in the air because of my shrieking scream!
      Have a great Tuesday Mark! Take care!

    1. Good Morning!
      It has been a whirlwind of a week. I was wondering what I took pictures of… so I’m glad I was able to share some. And when this went to press… I had my feet up after watching Sweet Man laying down our new kitchen floor! Busy we are but enjoying the time we are spending close to home.
      Thank you for stopping by! I sure do enjoy hearing from you. Hope the Hurricane has stayed far away from you!

      1. Nancy, thanks for thinking of us during the hurricane. It passed offshore yesterday afternoon. We had some big waves and the beach, a little rain and a little wind. All is good here.

  2. Happy Tuesday Nancy. Love all your beautiful flowers and any day on the lake is a good day. Can’t wait to see pics of your new floor. We were going to lay new flooring in the RV this summer, but due to the high humidity, we decided to wait until we get back to AZ … much less convenient, but we think we’ll have a better result in the long run since we spend more time in an arid climate.

    1. Good Morning Ingrid… I thought of you and Al the other day and even shared about your blog. I went to a garage sale on lakeside the other day. The woman who was holding it was an acquaintance so I kind of knew her. Anyhoo… she remodeled a small airstream. She had it opened so I got a tour! It was darling! She painted it, put in a new laminate floor, a gorgeous butcher block counter, and new appliances the “whole enchilada!” It is going to be so fun for her. She is starting out close to home as she has not retired yet and her adventures will be close…but she has friends who have done the same. And where she has it set up on her property… with patio lighting, the lake and a forest of trees… she doesn’t even have to go anywhere! So cute!

      I’m glad you had a fun visit with your daughter! You had to be beaming ear to ear!
      Thanks for stopping by… always so good to hear from you! Enjoy your Tuesday!

  3. The coneflowers are just gorgeous and your garden looks so lush. Not so much here, we need rain. Is there anything better than fresh corn and tomatoes, what time are you serving dinner? I know you will enjoy that new kitchen floor that Sweet Man is putting down. I remember your trip last year, I am hopeful that we will once again travel. For now, I am content in my Appalachian Foothills. Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday and thank you for a lovely post, as always!

    1. Good Morning Pam~

      Contentment… it’s what makes me get through each day with what is going on around us in the world today.

      And yes… I think I’ll be sharing pictures of the new floor soon! A bit of a worthwhile disruption. 😊

      Enjoy this August Tuesday! Summer is going by way too fast!

  4. I love those flower pictures. As to veggies: we don’t have an enclosed space here. That would be the only way to prevent our deer from harvesting our planting/growing efforts. Our critters here, at the moment, are an armadillo digging quite industriously and, of course, squirrels stealing the birds’ food.

  5. The lake you live on is so gorgeous. Can you forgive the critters for not wanting to share? I do hope you get them under control soon. They are cute, but there is a limit to our desire for being “one” with nature. There are always projects to do in retirement. I know your new floor will be great! Have a good week!

    1. Oh the squirrel is the most troublesome! He actually enjoys looking down at us and even gives us a smirk!

      Thanks for enjoying and following along! We do love this lake!

      Happy Tuesday!

    1. Hunkering here is my kind of wonderful!
      But first… we need to entice the squirrel into the Have a Heart Trap. He is so darn quick he does not trip it!
      Happy Tuesday Judy!

  6. Happy Tuesday Nancy! These are great pictures! Your flowers are beautiful, sweet man looks happy, sweet corn looks delicious. Look at that gorgeous hawk! Looks like a great week. Keep it going Nancy! Thank you for sharing the beautiful sights from where you are.

    1. I like sharing what we see in all our endeavors! And it fills me with Joy that you follow along with us! Thank you Sandra!
      Enjoy your Tuesday!

  7. Your vegetables are so pretty! We haven’t had much rain here so gardens aren’t doing so well. I hope you catch that groundhog soon! We have one that keeps eating our outdoor cat’s food. 😠

  8. Sorry about your pesky critters! I love love love fresh summer produce, especially corn, we have to enjoy it while we can! Sounds like you are making the best of summer!

  9. The vegetables are perfect. Someone knows exactly when to pick the summer squash. They are so light yellow, just like them. The zucchini are a nice size, as well. Perfect for all types of recipes. And that corn…oh, my!! I should see if my daughter can Priority Mail some to me from PA! Glad you have the lake to keep you busy this summer! Stay safe!

  10. I enjoyed your post today Nancy… and your garden is really producing some wonderful things! All those green beans and squash, so exciting! Are you canning/putting them up? Loved seeing all your beautiful flowers, and your ride down the lake. Hoping the rain passes soon. Quite exciting to have new flooring put in too! Many blessings 🙂

  11. Always a pleasure to stop by and see what you’ve been up to, Nancy. The flowers look gorgeous and the veggies look amazing. Yum.

  12. Nancy I try not to think too much about what I was doing a year ago. I do recall your amazing trip and at least we have these fabulous memories. Your lake home seems like a paradise unto itself. The flower photos are stunning. As to the squirrel, we had a family move into our house via a vent. Let me tell you they are unwelcome guests. I wish you luck and encourage you to give the eviction order. XO

    1. So good to hear from you Sweet Sue! Thank you for all the love.
      And it’s funny… we have not seen the squirrel since I screamed at him the other day. I may have scared him away! Lol!
      Thank you for the visit. Happy day to you!

  13. Summer and garden fresh produce…it doesn’t get much better than that. We were plagued with groundhogs in our apple orchard and trapped quite a few. You can try cantaloupe and it will hold up without wilting for a day or two. The most important thing is don’t leave your trap out at night or you will probably catch a skunk…I know from experience. 😊

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