Tuesday Tidbits #112 Nature to the Rescue

This past week was tough for many Americans. Never in my wildest dreams would I had thought that our Democracy could have been threatened on our Capitol Steps. Well… it was. And I was shaken and still am…

Getting out into nature helped soothe my heart and soul. So today I share some photos from the past. They pleased me then and please me now. Hope it helps you in some small way. It’s all I got today.

Backyard Hummingbird
Niagara Falls from the Canadian Side
Bryce Canyon
Backyard bee and blooms.
Backyard Cactus Bloom
Saguaro Blooms
Presque Isle Lighthouse Erie, Pa.
Prescott National Forest
Neuschwanstein Castle Germany
Axis Deer from Texas
Snoqualmie Falls Washington
Durango, Colorado
Midwest America
Bavaria Germany
Edinboro Lake, Pennsylvania
Anthem, AZ
Ohio Covered Bridge
Watson Lake Prescott, AZ with Humphreys Peak
in the background.

I could post pictures of nature all day. As that’s what brings me joy. But as I sign off I leave you with one more meaningful capture from our visit to Alaska. Our American Bald Eagle flying high and proudly.

Eagle in Alaska
The Bald Eagle was designated by our Country’s Founding Fathers, in 1782, as our National Emblem. Which represents Freedom and Democracy.

41 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #112 Nature to the Rescue

  1. Nature does help – thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos, as they brought much comfort. We wanted to visit Neuschwanstein in Germany, but had to throw it aside because of the big travel delays we had getting in 🙁 Next time! Love the deer too. <3

    1. Hi Judy. I almost did not write today. But said these individuals were not going to take me with them.

      Thank you for your comment! Hugs! Stay well!

  2. Thank you so much for the reminder that beauty is all around us Nancy. Your photos are stunning. My heart breaks for our country. I’m so sad. I’m happy you posted tho.

  3. Nancy, I agree. Getting out in nature helps soothe my soul, too. This is a wonderful collection of beautiful photos! Looking at them made me smile. I’m a day late for your Tuesday Tidbits so happy Wednesday!

  4. Beautiful photos Nancy…there is nothing like getting outside and enjoying nature…when I arrived on the coast after Christmas, I couldn’t believe how much being there and being outside more lifted my spirits! Thank you for the peace and beauty you shared today~

  5. So many beautiful places in the world, I hope I’ll have the opportunity to see more of them in the years to come. Wishing you the same, stay safe.

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