Tuesday Tidbits #68 Wire Wrapping Jewelry

Living here in Arizona is wonderful but it’s not just all about the beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery and that big blue sky! It’s also a place where we can hunt for amazing rocks, minerals and gemstones! Arizona is a haven for all of those.

Here we are exploring but also hunting for the best specimen!

Many of the rocks we find… sweet man will cut, polish and tumble. We also go to Rock and Gem Shows and buy some that we display in our home. I like to purchase colorful ones that I bring home and Wire Wrap them into pendants.

Here are just a few that I have made into pendants.
Petrified Wood on the left and Agate on the right.
The Labradorite on the left is one of my favorite minerals!

The wire wrapping I do is called the Cage Method. It’s simple and I can complete this wrap quickly. I enjoy adding them to my wardrobe.

Do you collect rocks? Or know anyone that does? Have you tried wire wrapping? I would love to know.

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