Arches National Park

Arches and Bryce 149

Happy Friday!

My Friday Fun Day Post will be all about our fabulous day at

Arches National Park!

We started out riding along the outer loop which is outside the park. It was a pretty ride along the Colorado River. The picture above depicts this.

Then we were off to

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As we entered… this is what we saw…

Arches and Bryce 153Yuuuup! It was going to be busy!

Already on my mind… I know the hike to Delicate Arch is going to be too crowded.

That does not deter my enthusiasm!

We waited patiently…

and watched the children on the sand dune have a blast!

Arches and Bryce 152Finally… we get the okay to go to the Park.

Here is the entrance after the climb up…

Arches and Bryce 156 - Copy - Copy
Such beauty… and the 3 towers on the left… are called The Three Gossips.

We had a wonderful day.

We decided  not to hike up to Delicate Arch as it was extremely crowded. We did the upper view,  which was not crowded and almost as grand!

 Please click on a picture then the slideshow will start.


 Arches was wonderful but equally fabulous is Bryce Canyon…

That’s the next post so stay tuned.

Until Next Time  ~Nancy

35 thoughts on “Arches National Park

  1. Great collection of photos but the slide show didn’t work for me. Could be my weak internet signal. I did click on several different photos and each time the screen was black. Hmm?

    1. Well shoot… I just tried and all was well. Plus others tried and it worked for them.
      Well, try again when you are able.
      🙂 Thanks for looking at those tiny photos!

  2. You get the most out of a lot of places, Nancy. I dig the beauty of the Arches. Definitely worth the wait, my friend. Hot diggetty to the snow on the mountains, too. Like the gray on the side of my hair.

  3. Thank goodness Arches hasn’t been too crowded so far. That line was crazy!! The La Sal Mountains will be very visible as soon as the clouds lift. We have had 24 straight hours of rain with temps in the 40’s here in Moab. Yesterday when we did the La Sal loop road it was 27 degrees and snowing hard. I can’t wait to see the mountains now:) Should make for some fantastic photos. Your photos are so beautiful. It is hard to take bad photos here:)

    1. WOW! Rain and snow… YIKES! When we woke up in Bryce one morning it was 13 degrees! It snowed the day before but did not stick. Have fun taking those pictures!

  4. Beautiful! We did some hikes in Arches in July several years ago and we didn’t see nearly that many people. Maybe because we were among the few people dumb enough to hike to Delicate Arch in the summer heat??

    1. That could have been it. I have no idea why it was so busy… because the weekend before was the Jeep Safari. There busiest weekend of the year!
      So glad you stopped by to check out my post. it is indeed a beautiful place!

    1. Yes… it is really worth a visit. I even think there is a campground on the Colorado river right outside the park. But also several in the area. I sure hope you are able to do so.

  5. I spent part of my growing-up years in the Southwest, New Mexico to be exact, so that whole region is embedded in me. Your photographs helped bring back my own memories. Thanks!

    1. So glad I was able to bring back some memories for you. I also want to thank you for stopping by and visiting! Come back again sometime! 🙂

    1. Thank You So Much! Glad you stopped over to check things out. Sometime soon I am going to share my jewelry making in a post. I will make sure to let you know. I enjoy your creativity and your willingness to share it with all of us!

  6. Hi Nancy! As always your photos inspire me. I will be back to busy involved with the sites soon.
    So happy Arizona and the planet continue to reveal all of it’s splendor to you and that you receive it with such joy and a sharing heart with everyone. Back soon.

    1. JoHanna… I have been meaning to get over to your place as well. I have been doing a lot of painting and staining outside and the heat gets me a bit tired. Plus editing pictures eats away at my day as well. I will be over soon… so have the coffee warm. Oh and I will be posting about Bryce Canyon in a few days!

  7. Thanks for the introduction to a park I hadn’t heard of before. Good for you for not being deterred by the crowds – you always have a great positive attitude😃

    1. Thank You My Friend! You have to go to Utah… so many national parks close to each other. Stay tuned for my post on Bryce…coming soon!

  8. Beautiful pics Nancy, it seems like you had a great time. I love being out in nature and your blog just stirred my wild soul!

    1. Thank You for going to Arches National Park with us! I am so glad you enjoyed the photos. God’s landscape makes it easy to capture pretty shots!

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