On the Way To Arches National Park

I just had to share some photos of the different starts and stops along the way to Arches National Park so please ENJOY!

When we left Monument Valley we stopped at a roadside stop ran by the Navajo Reservation.

I bought these beautiful bracelets.


You will see these roadside stands along the way… so try to stop because they do have some beautiful handmade jewelry and pottery.

Arches and Bryce 073

Down the road we went…

and we saw The Famous Mexican Hat Rock…

Arches and Bryce 119

Another great tip was shared to me from Ingrid at Live Laugh RV.

She suggested we visit Gooseneck State Park. We were so delighted that we did! Thank You Ingrid!

IphoneMarch-midApril2015 138The San Juan River makes a series of turns through this canyon.The above picture just shows one turn.

IphoneMarch-midApril2015 139

Arches and Bryce 124

I did have a friend come to visit…

Arches and Bryce 123
Yes… I got that close to the edge to take a picture of my friend the hawk.

Many people camp close to the edge…

Arches and Bryce 129 Then off we went…

to see this.

IphoneMarch-midApril2015 160
Newspaper Rock

Arches and Bryce 135Newspaper Rock is very close to Canyonlands National Park.

Arches and Bryce 136
The trail to Newspaper Rock.

We stopped at an Antique Store in

IphoneMarch-midApril2015 157

I of course had to take a photo of their old truck out front.

IphoneMarch-midApril2015 143 - Copy - Copy
One day I am going to do a post of all my old truck photos!

Bluff, Utah is beautiful.

IphoneMarch-midApril2015 151

IphoneMarch-midApril2015 148

Please visit Pam and John at Oh, the Places They Go!

They were just there not too long ago and they just posted two or three posts of the Bluff, Utah area.

Arches and Bryce 132
Many turns and climbs like these along the way.

You know you are getting close to Moab, Utah (home of Arches National Park)when you see this.

Arches and Bryce 144We did not stop but heard it is neat.

Here is a closer look.

Arches and Bryce 145and here is the Lizard on the Rock…

Arches and Bryce 146We arrived in Moab, Utah

IphoneMarch-midApril2015 187I got to eat my famous Pan Fried Trout at Moab Grill  and had a beer at

The Famous Moab Brewery.

IphoneMarch-midApril2015 165

and we finished the evening with delicious ice cream from

Crystal’s Cakes and Cones

IphoneMarch-midApril2015 166
Yum in my Tum!

Now I promise…

A Girl Scout Promise! Source: http://www.scoutlander.com/publicsite/unitcustom.aspx?UID=3263&CUSTOMID=19441

I promise that next time I will post all about Arches National Park!

Until Next Time  ~Nancy

27 thoughts on “On the Way To Arches National Park

  1. What a beautiful place to visit! I really need to take a trip to that part of the US again someday. Newspaper rock is quite amazing as well. It would be very interesting to be able to ‘read’ the story, if that is what it is. I am imagining one of those stories where someone starts with a short paragraph and or sentence, and each author adds another taking the story to unexpected places.

  2. Beautiful bracelets along with beautiful country. I can’t wait to visit these places in a couple of weeks 🙂 btw…. had a great time yesterday at the botanical garden. Hope to get together one more time before heading north.

  3. Love the bracelets!! I use to stop but now I don’t wear the jewelry I have.

    Gee, this drive looks very familiar:) It is a beautiful drive from Bluff to Moab. Thanks for the shout out!!

    1. Oh, just you wait… Arches and Bryce photos are coming soon!
      By the way… it was a beautiful trip from start to finish!

      1. Oh Please Do It! I can not believe how beautiful the state of Utah is. I just posted about Arches. So please enjoy my pictures as you get out your road maps and plan that Road Trip! 😀

  4. Newspaper Rock is really intriguing – thanks for sharing it! I’ve never heard of it before. I’d love to see it. About how big is it?

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I would say it was about 30 feet across and 10 feet high. it was definitely something to see!

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