It’s a ZOO Out There!

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An Update: Our Back Yard has grown into the Paradise we envisioned.

Yes… It’s a Zoo in our backyard!

Read this post and you will see what I mean!  🙂

We have lots of quail but we had a Momma this year!

It took Momma Quail 3 weeks to hatch her eggs!

Finally the day came! They hatched and the next day they were out walking around!

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They are so cute and so tiny! Those rocks they are standing on are the size of a nickel.

There were 8 babies. That is a small batch. I have heard as much as 21 can be in a nest.

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Look at Momma… she looks frazzled! This was the last I saw of them. She took them elsewhere. I was so sad!

She took them elsewhere most likely because of this big guy!

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Look at those talons!
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The Great Horned Owls perch in several places around our yard. They sound so cool at night! Here he looks like The King! Doesn’t he?

They sure are gorgeous!

Owl2 013Owl1 012

Then of course we get our average share of lizards… but not as many as I thought we would.

He was close to our back sliding door. I think he smelled my good cooking!

We are from the Midwest so when we had cardinals feeding at our bird feeder we were beyond happy!

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They come almost every day now!
Here in the desert we are so happy to see such a colorful bird!

We also get others who hang out too…

A House Finch? Orange in color.


A Bronzed Cowbird… Look at those red eyes! I believe they lay their eggs in other nests.Oh me , oh my!


Always room for butterflies and humming birds!

11212758_10202846899012506_246156459163347759_nWe even had a bunny…

He left too and went to the wash across the street. But he stayed long enough to eat a small rose and all of my basil!

Yes… I guess the Zoo gets a bit crazy!

The dove looking at my frogs… priceless!

But we love it here!

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We love our Bees

How about you? What animals come to your back yard?

Until Next Time  ~Nancy

43 thoughts on “It’s a ZOO Out There!

  1. Love it. We one time had 24 baby Quail in our yard and were able to watch them grow. Sometimes it’s the little things in life 🙂

  2. You have a “wild wild life” in your back yard for sure. Wonderful photos of all those lovely critters. You have cardinals! We must be too far north for them.

    1. It’s the wild, wild west! Those cardinals love the wild, wild black sunflower seeds! I am off to look at your photos from this week… I try to never miss a week!

    1. The Quail are something to watch. They march like little soldiers on top of our wall… their calls during the day are so funny… and how they take care of their young… love them!

  3. Nancy, this so exciting!! How cool to have those little babies wondering around. Glad momma moved them before that big guy got them! But the owl is gorgeous!!! You really do have a Zoo! Your backyard is so pretty. I really do think we need to settle in the desert one day. I love all the cacti and want a yard full. I am all about big views, I’ve had enough of trees covering everything. Where exactly are you? I probably should know this…sorry. But you seem very happy in the desert.

    1. Oh I am very happy in the desert. We are in Anthem, AZ. about one hour north of the city of Phoenix. So… make sure when you are near here we get together! In the Fall when Ingrid is here we are trying to get some of us blog girls together.
      Thank You for enjoying our back yard. We have only been here about 11 months. The back yard was a blank canvas except for a bougainvillaea here and there and the one large tree. Sweet, sweet man built the Ramada…which brings height to the yard! We love our little paradise in “The Valley of the Sun!” Thanks for stopping by!
      and serious… when you are here we are getting together!

  4. Wow you really do have a zoo! That horned owl is astounding. What a capture! the little baby birds are so cute but 21 in a nest?! Talk about overcrowding. 🙂

    1. Thank You for your kind words about the yard. Everyone loves their Quail! Glad you have gotten to experience them. 🙂

  5. Nancy! I love your desert jungle collection. Great catch with your lenses, as always! Too bad Mama Quail took the baby birds away so quickly. It would have been a blast to watch them grow a bit more.

    My favorite of all the shots are the two cardinals, the bright red and paler but still regal companion. I think they are a great metaphor for you and your sweet, sweet man, Nancy!

    Up here in Syracuse, we are currently flush with birds of all types. Bees are here, too, this year. Lightning bugs will start in June. Squirrels abound. But ruling the backyard of the Little Bitty this year so far is Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle. Last year we had to trap the gopher and then lost the battle to the skunk who moved under the shed after that! Knock on wood to no return this year, Nancy!!!! Knock knock knock. <3

    1. Mr. Mark Now How spectacular of you to compare Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal to Sweet, sweet man and I! Oh… And I am regal for sure! HA HA HA HA 😉
      Good Luck with the gophers and the skunks… I too shall knock on wood 3 times!
      Thank You for popping on over to visit and we do love our oasis in the desert!

  6. Lovely photos Nancy,

    Your baby quails are so cute and the entire feel of your backyard really is something to behold, so colourful and enticing, not just for the birds I’m sure. Thank you for sharing this wonderful glimpse into you and your world.


    1. Your kind words are truly heartfelt. We love our back yard. Lots of hard work but well worth it.
      I miss my baby quails!

  7. That is just a lovely yard you have created Nancy. No wonder so many critters have chosen to set up residence there with you. Lovely photos. You are just having way too much fun girl! Looking forward to seeing more through your lens and lively beautiful life perspective.

    1. Thank You JoHanna! We love our yard and “critters!” Have a fabulous transition to your new home and new adventure.
      I too started my adventure almost 2 years ago and I have never looked back! 🙂

  8. We’ve got birds and cats that like to eat the birds. But in AZ we saw from our balcony bobcats, javelinas, road runners, hummingbirds, quail and their sweet babies!

  9. What a wonderful array of creatures – those baby quail were really adorable! What I great desert garden you’ve got and your photos are such fun. Am I remembering right?…didn’t you do a lot of work back there? I seem to remember before and after pictures.

    1. You have an amazing memory! Yes… it was practically a blank canvas when we moved in last June. I am truly amazed of how quick things grow in the desert. We have worked hard on it… but it has paid off as it is our desert oasis! 🙂

  10. Your back yard always inspires me Nancy. Isn’t it amazing how the critters are determined to rule and certainly do…despite the growing developments? We simply adore them and it’s clear you do too. All my best. Thank you.

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