It’s a ZOO Out There!

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An Update: Our Back Yard has grown into the Paradise we envisioned.

Yes… It’s a Zoo in our backyard!

Read this post and you will see what I mean!  🙂

We have lots of quail but we had a Momma this year!

It took Momma Quail 3 weeks to hatch her eggs!

Finally the day came! They hatched and the next day they were out walking around!

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They are so cute and so tiny! Those rocks they are standing on are the size of a nickel.

There were 8 babies. That is a small batch. I have heard as much as 21 can be in a nest.

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Look at Momma… she looks frazzled! This was the last I saw of them. She took them elsewhere. I was so sad!

She took them elsewhere most likely because of this big guy!

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Look at those talons!
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The Great Horned Owls perch in several places around our yard. They sound so cool at night! Here he looks like The King! Doesn’t he?

They sure are gorgeous!

Owl2 013Owl1 012

Then of course we get our average share of lizards… but not as many as I thought we would.

He was close to our back sliding door. I think he smelled my good cooking!

We are from the Midwest so when we had cardinals feeding at our bird feeder we were beyond happy!

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They come almost every day now!
Here in the desert we are so happy to see such a colorful bird!

We also get others who hang out too…

A House Finch? Orange in color.


A Bronzed Cowbird… Look at those red eyes! I believe they lay their eggs in other nests.Oh me , oh my!


Always room for butterflies and humming birds!

11212758_10202846899012506_246156459163347759_nWe even had a bunny…

He left too and went to the wash across the street. But he stayed long enough to eat a small rose and all of my basil!

Yes… I guess the Zoo gets a bit crazy!

The dove looking at my frogs… priceless!

But we love it here!

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We love our Bees

How about you? What animals come to your back yard?

Until Next Time  ~Nancy