Another Fabulous Super Moon!

Waiting for the Super Moon to rise is a lot of hard work!


But it slowly peeked out behind the mountain.



And then it showed off its glow!


It has put on a show for all of us these last few nights!

The Lumix FZ 200 was the camera that produced the best results for me. Thanks to Ingrid

for suggesting that I purchase this camera! I have not been sorry. Thank you Ingrid!

By the way… Ingrid and I got together the other evening at our house! What fun we have! Always a lot of giggles.

Yes… I have started to decorate for Christmas and its all because I have a busy month ahead. img_3881

I am so happy that you stopped by.



36 thoughts on “Another Fabulous Super Moon!

    1. I knew you would like seeing that picture of us! We need a Blogging Get Together! I know who the participants are! We will definitely need bail money from WordPress!! HA HA HA

  1. Wow! Amazing photos of that gorgeous Super Moon:) We have had nothing but sun for weeks and…we had two days of clouds for the moon:( So I have been enjoying everyone’s photos:) How sweet you and Ingrid got together!

  2. Wow, wow… awesome! I’m in Seattle, no super moon here. Thank you for the post, Nancy! Love the beautiful photo of you and Ingrid. 💖

  3. Great captures….I thought about it and saw many photographers out our way set up….we have an extra bonus for the moon rise…where we live it rises over the Estrella Mountains, which are rugged and create a beautiful mountain range…great shots!!

  4. Such a beautiful Super Moon Nancy! We had cloud on the horizon here, so no here one got great shots this time around. I love the way you celebrate things—I think that is the secret to enjoying life, which you are clearly doing. Have a happy weekend! :))

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