Tuesday Tidbits #69 Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Top of the Mornin’ to Ya! 🍀

How about some Irish Coffee!

Read my post here to make homemade Irish Cream!

Life has been crazy… so how about some Green for ya!

Moss in the desert… can you believe it?
Peek a Boo through the GREEN leaves!
Some kitchen green for ya!
Yes, saguaros do bloom!
Everyone needs a Castle in the Green Forest!
Love the GREEN in our kitchen.

And I believe the Leprechauns live in this forest! Is there one peeking out from that rock?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to All! Stay safe my friends! Stay healthy my friends!

29 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #69 Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

  1. Top of the mornin’ to ya ☘️☘️☘️ and Happy St. Paddy’s Day. I loved your wonderful compilation of “green” 💚💚💚 When we were in Dublin, I had to have Irish Coffee, I must admit I wasn’t a fan. But, I would gladly share a cup of yours, it looks so delicious. Are you staying home during these unusual days? Schools are closed here, so I feel lost without my girls today. Take care and stay well my friend💚

    1. We have the beautiful outdoors. And we have not been in any public places.

      It’s been weird… and nerve wracking.

      As for Irish Cream coffee… only once a year! I like my coffee with out any additives! No cream, no nothing! 😊

  2. It’s a dark, almost rainy day here in Michigan. It could be worse, it could be snowing. Maybe i’ll go out and look for some green! Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Nance! All of your green photographs are gorgeous! I am swooning over your beautiful kitchen vignettes! Take care, sweet friend!!!

  4. It is such fun seeing a green desert and mountains with all the rain. It makes us smile as we drive around. A great St. Patrick’s Day treat. Love that you even have shamrock mugs!! So cute!

    1. How about those Belleek Mugs! Scored those at an antique store a few years back.
      And the green desert is always fun to see! I’m so glad we are enjoying it together! Happy St. Paddy’s Day my friend! 🍀

  5. Catching up tonight. I enjoyed all your green. We went to an Irish cantina that also serves sushi.🤪 It was our last restaurant meal for the foreseeable future, but with the last name of Higgins, the celebration was “essential.”😉

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