It’s the Wild, Wild West Tuesday Tidbits #96

Hello Friends! We are back in the Wild, Wild West!

The yard and gardens need tending too along with many other important tasks. So this post is short and sweet.

I’ll be catching up with all of you very soon. Happy Tuesday!

27 thoughts on “It’s the Wild, Wild West Tuesday Tidbits #96

  1. Lovely sunset. Good luck with catching up. I’ve not been doing much yard work because of the smoke. The smoke has been more of a lockdown for me than COVID cooties.

    1. I am sorry for responding so late Tim. For some reason I did not see your comments due to it going into the “pending” file.
      I sure hope the smoke has cleared by now for you my friend. And thanks so much for stopping in and enjoying. Have a wonderful week!

    1. Hi Chris! Believe it or not I am just seeing your comment… for some reason it went into my “pending” file.
      I am glad you enjoyed! Thank you! Take care my friend and enjoy the week!

  2. Wow, what beauty! Did you miss your camera? I remember you mentioning you packed light and left it behind. Glad you’re safe and sound. Take good care friend!

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