It’s Great to be Back ~Tuesday Tidbits #97

Hello Everyone! Can you believe October is almost here! Is it wrong of me to be glad that time is going by so fast during this crazy time? I don’t think so… and ya know what… it is okay because October is my birthday month.

I’ve been waking up early and getting my walk in before it heats up. These morning sunrises greet me as soon as I turn the corner.

And the early sunlight casts a pretty glow on the landscape as well as the church.

Back at home… I sit out in our backyard and listen to Bird Song and the fountain trickling. It’s always good to be… Home Sweet Home!

We can sit for hours watching the hummingbirds fight over their territory. Do they ever rest?

When we arrive back here at our Arizona home… the first thing I want to do is decorate for Fall. After that is done… I can focus better on what needs to be accomplished outside in the gardens and inside our home.

Cozy and comfortable is what I always try to achieve.

And even the outside gets a few touches! Love our potting shed… aka the She Shed!

It’s Autumn here at our house, thankfully. Because here in the valley of the sun you would not know it’s Autumn as we do not have trees with brightly colored fall leaves… but we know it’s Fall when the prickly pear is adorned with its brightly colored fruit.

And when we want to see some fall color… we head North to a higher elevation. There’s lots of color to be had!

Have you been enjoying Fall? Are you seeing any fall color? Do you partake in everything Pumpkin Spice?

I’m not fond of lots of Pumpkin Spice… but I will enjoy one or two Pumpkin Martinis (for the whole season) in my Pumpkin glasses!

Thanks so much for stopping in. And now that I am feeling more settled and at home… I’ll be getting caught up with all of you.

49 thoughts on “It’s Great to be Back ~Tuesday Tidbits #97

  1. Love your fall decorations! We don’t get many fall colors where I live. The marsh grass will turn golden later in the season. The leaves in the north Georgia mountains won’t be changing until later in the fall.

      1. Thank you!
        Pic Collage App on my phone! Made it last night watching football. Lol!
        They have free clip art stickers etc.

    1. Well hopefully we will get up north to see some. But… I did see a few just before we left Pennsylvania.
      Thanks so much for enjoying the fall decor.
      Have a lovely Tuesday my friend!

  2. Good morning Nancy. Your home is beautifully decorated for autumn and you have accomplished much in a short time. I love all of the outdoor shots, each one is so lovely. Pumpkin spice lattes are my favorite for the season.

    Enjoy being outside, watching the hummingbirds, and just relaxing. We should celebrate our October birthdays together. Wishing you a wonderful day!

    1. Oh Pam … how I would love sitting on your new Sunshine Cottage porch drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte for our Birthdays! Or … we can sit on our veranda out here!
      Thank you for stopping over and blessings to you on this fabulous Tuesday!

    1. Good Morning Ingrid. The temps are lowering nicely in the mornings and evenings. We are about to head out for a sunset on the hill one day soon… before we do it with a big group.
      Keep enjoying those fall colors but we miss you here in the Valley! 🌵🤠☀️

      1. I’m so glad my comment came through. Internet has been sketchy the past month, and for the first time, I posted the comment from my phone. As much as I’m loving the fall colors, Al and I are getting antsy to return to the valley … ‘return home’. I’ll keep you posted! 😀🍹🌵

  3. Beautiful photos Nancy. Most of my family have birthdays in October starting with my mother-in-law on the 1st, and I ending it with my birthday on the 26th. In between is Laurie, our daughter, and my mom. My best friend I grew up with was born on October 30th, just 4 days after me, and fellow photographer, blogger Susan shares the 26th with me. October is a good month for birthdays.

    1. We Scorpios know how to have fun!
      I will say you better have all your shopping done for all those Birthdays coming your way! Lol!
      And Happy Birthday to you my friend!

    1. Thank you so much! It’s so good to hear from you!
      I’ll be checking in with you very soon.
      Take care my friend. Enjoy the rest of your week.

    1. Thank you Angela! We love living in two Paradises! And thank God everyday for all of our Blessings.

      Thank you so much for the visit. Enjoy the rest of your week.

    1. Thank you Chris! How nice of you.
      Enjoy your Fall colors that nature brings to you. Such beauty surrounds you.

      Have a lovely rest of your week Chris!

  4. Happy birthday month (almost) Nancy! 🎈I’m happy you’re settling back into your home routine. Thank you for sharing these beautiful sights from AZ. 🌞❤️🌵

  5. I’m so glad you made it safely back to Arizona Nancy! I know what you mean about decorating first, decorating is always a priority 😂 Your house looks fall ready and welcoming, I love all your pretty touches everywhere. The flowering cactus are my favorite, please treat us to more photos as fall progresses, and Happy Birthday Month!

  6. It looks like you have settled back in, I’m sure it is nice to be back home. What a beautiful time of the year to arrive back with fall colors to enjoy at the higher altitudes. Here in our part of Florida, fall doesn’t look must different than any other time of the year so I especially enjoyed the photo of those gorgeous trees in the one shot.

    1. Thank you for enjoying those colorful trees!

      We tried to go north and a higher elevation today but everyone else was too! The interstate was a parking lot so we turned around. We will try again soon.

      It’s always good to hear from you. Thank you so much! Happy Weekend!

  7. Welcome back to the west!! It sure has been hot, not only there, but intense heat here in So Cal also! Love the fall colors of the trees. That’s one of the great things about the Phoenix area…just a short drive away from a variety of typography in all directions!! My wife loves your fall decorations….she just got ours up…we now have a scarecrow family in our backyard!! 🙂

    1. I’m happy to hear your wife enjoyed my decor! Tell her Thank you!
      Sounds like the scarecrow family will be enjoyed all season.
      Happy Weekend Kirt!

  8. I love that you decorate your home for fall whether it looks like it outside or not. In northern NM, we match your aspen pictures with some cottonwood added in for more yellow. Enjoy your early walks for the cooler temps. Happy Birthday!

    1. Thank you my friend! Everyday it feels a bit cooler and I can leave a little later for my morning walk!

      Take care and have a happy week!

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