Tuesday Tidbits #124 Another Great Week

Hello and Welcome to Tuesday Tidbits. I have lots to share with you today.

A Trip to Laughlin, Nevada

We took another road trip this week. Crazy we are… but it was a fun get away. Have you ever been to Laughlin? The best way to describe this town is that it’s mini Las Vegas.

About two miles of Hotel/Casinos on the Colorado River on the border of Arizona and Nevada.

A view from our hotel. The Colorado River is very blue and so clear.

We spent two lovely nights. Just so you know, we are not gamblers. I can play slot machines on $20. And I walked away when I was up $25. After breakfast we lingered outside and watched the boats go by. A restful time away.

Sweet Man enjoying the view.

The Mojave Desert

The ride home was interesting as we took another route back. We drove through the Mojave Desert and a small portion of California.

The Mojave Desert looked extremely dry! And I missed our cacti!

We did see some interesting rock formations.

A Day with My Gal Pals on the Verde River!

As soon as we got home I needed to get ready for a day trip with my neighborhood girlfriends that was planned for the following day. A kayaking trip down the Verde River.

The Verde River

What fun we had!

We laughed the entire time. It was not only fun but it was also quite beautiful. The trees in many places created canopies over the river. And then in other places we saw Native American Cliff Dwellings. Every inch was a delight to the eyes. As we paddled down the River we sometimes experienced small rapids called ripples. They were quite thrilling for all of us.

Lunch Out with a Friend

This week I also enjoyed gathering at a new spot with a friend for a lovely lunch. We started out with cocktails…

Where we sat in a lovely garden surrounded by Palo Verdes in bloom and the Mesquite trees shade. Such a pretty setting.

And our chicken salad was delivered quickly.

Quite delicious!

Home Sweet Home

It’s always nice to have a get away or gather with friends. But it’s always best to come home where we return to see our garden blooms.

Thank you for the visit. I can’t thank you enough for all your kind words of encouragement and support. Enjoy the rest of your week my friends.

35 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #124 Another Great Week

  1. Looks like so much fun. I don’t think I have been to Laughlin. I’ve been through Needles and down to Lake Havasu City. I love the desert landscapes. Beautiful photos and the kayaking looks like it was a blast.

    1. Hi Tim! Laughlin is a bit less crowded then Lake Havasu. And smaller too. The desert landscapes are always a beautiful sight! And seeing all the rock formations always amaze me.
      And I will kayak down the Verde River again… it was sooo fun!
      Thanks for stopping in Tim. I’ll catch up with you soon. Enjoy your Tuesday!

  2. We visited Laughlin several years ago. There was probably only 1 mile of casinos…we walked up one side of the street and down the other. That day sewer gas smells were eminating out of all the manhole covers so it was quite miserable. We didn’t stay there, we were on our way to Las Vegas for a couple of days. So my memories of Laughlin aren’t so good!

    But your kayak trip, now THAT looks absolutely wonderful! Did you take your good camera? The shots are great!

    And of course lunch OUT. I haven’t done that in, well, forever. That looks absolutely wonderful too.

    1. Laughlin did not smell both times we have been there so I am sorry for your experience. We are not a fan of crowds so Las Vegas, although we have been there a few times, is out of the question for us. Too crowded. Not even because of COVID but because the crowds just aren’t our thing.

      The kayaking was a blast and we will do it again! I did not take my good camera. I used a waterproof case for my cell phone that allows you to take pretty good pictures and videos. It even allows you to be able to text etc. It’s on a lanyard that was on my neck and I attached it to my shirt. Just in case I fell in. I’m happy you enjoyed the pictures.
      And being fully vaccinated makes us feel a bit more comfortable and we were outside… an added bonus!
      Happy Tuesday to you!

      1. We aren’t gamblers either, and when we were in Las Vegas we slept during the day (it was too hot to be out) and wandered the strip at night. Very interesting. We’ve only been twice, the first time was a reunion with my college roommates. The second was just husband and I.

      2. Oh…and yes, I have some of those waterproof lanyards too. I use them for my phone when I’m kayacking on the lake, just in case. Was wondering if you were a bigger risk taker than me. Your shots were great!

    1. Hello My Friend! It’s been a bit busy here at Two Trails One Road in Arizona. Life is Good! Thank you for stopping by… I’ll catch up with you dear friend, very soon!

  3. Nancy you and Sweet Man have the most fun exploring different places. I haven’t heard of Laughlin, but the Colorado river is gorgeous. A patio lunch and then kayaking with girl friends sounds so wonderful. I need to get out more, wish you lived closer. Happy Tuesday!

    1. Oh Pam we would have a blast!
      I bet it’s getting closer to Baby Wyatt time. You all have to be so excited!
      Thanks for popping over. Happy Tuesday sweet friend!

  4. So much fun you are having and such beautiful scenery Nancy! I’ve never been to Nevada or Arizona either, so gorgeous. We’re not much for gambling either 🙂 Happy Tuesday ♥

    1. Hello Mary… I’m going to have to post more pictures of Arizona. It’s a beautiful state full of changing landscapes. We love it here!
      Thanks so much for the visit my friend!

  5. Lucky you, you have been having all kinds of fun! How nice to get away and explore a new fun place, and then come back for a day of kayaking with the girls, quite an adventure! I look forward to lunch with friends soon, I do feel like we’re getting back to normal! Beautiful scenery and flowers as always…I was thinking of you yesterday and your beautiful cacti, and added a flowering cactus wine chiller to my Society 6 shop! Wine chillers are a brand new addition to available items, here is the link if you want to take a peak~

    1. Oh Jenna it’s adorable! I love you paintings and that cactus is fabulous!
      Life is starting to get back to normal… and I’m even working on losing the “COVID 15” I put on! Lol!
      Happy week to you dear friend!

  6. Nancy, you always take the most fun looking trips. How wonderful to get to spend time with friends! Your lunch looks scrumptious. Your garden blooms are always gorgeous. Wishing you a joyous and blessed day, sweet friend!

  7. Lots of fun times! Have you been to Laughlin before? There is a nice loop dirt road just a couple miles called Christmas Tree Pass. People decorate the trees on the pass. There is a fantastic petroglyph site off the road. The petroglyphs are only 1/4 mile off the road. Davis Dam is there, as well, and a great visit. We take motorcycle rides to Bullhead City (on the other side) to get ice cream at Baskin Robbins. It’s a long but pretty ride of 200 miles and a nice loop.

    Love your kayak trip!!!

    1. This was our second time. We may go back again one day and will look for Christmas Tree Pass. How fun for you to take the ride into Bullhead City. It is a pretty area all around with the rock formations!
      Thank you for the information and enjoying our get away.
      Happy weekend to you!

  8. This managed to slip through the cracks, but I’m glad I came looking – lovely photos, as usual, Nancy, and what wonderful adventures you’re having.

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