Tuesday Tidbits #199 A Thank You to Our Veterans

It’s Voting Day!

If you live in the USA today we get to vote!

I voted! ❤️🤍💙

As I was reminded by my friend Judy from New England Garden and Thread it’s also a day to jump for joy because after today all those political commercials are going to be gone. Hallelujah! I wish the politicians knew that we hardly listen to the commercials and perhaps they could save all that money and quit airing soooooo many!

Veteran’s Day

The Freedom Memorial at Peace Park in Tionesta, Pennsylvania.

This Friday is Veteran’s Day and I want to thank every Veteran that has served our country. Thank you for our freedom and for our rights. Thank goodness I am able to vote because of all of our Veterans.

Anthem AZ Veterans Memorial

This Memorial above is quite special as on Nov. 11th at 11:11 a.m. the 5 pillars, that represent the United States Military Branches, casts a shadow. And then through each of the pillars the sun shines through them perfectly onto the Great Seal of the United States. You can read more about it here.

The Great Seal of the United States.

Glad to Be Back

I have to say we have been very busy since we got back. Appointments, yard work, house work, grocery shopping, seeing friends and just enjoying being at home has kept us close to home. What a wonderful feeling! I am slowing it down and appreciating the Month of November.

Local Falls at our town park.
Always so pretty to see! On my walks.

Short and Sweet

So because I am taking it slow… and savoring these moments I am calling this a wrap.

Thank You

As I always try to convey… we sure do appreciate all of you. Thank you for joining us for another Tuesday Tidbits.

Wishing all of you a wonderful week ahead. Enjoy what November brings to you this upcoming week.

Whatever you have planned… make every day count and be thankful for your Blessings.

34 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #199 A Thank You to Our Veterans

  1. Happy Tuesday, Nancy. It is a privilege to vote today, many people do not enjoy that privilege. We have this freedom because brave men and women have sacrificed so much that we can be free. Enjoy your day, my friend!

  2. It’s lovely to check in with you! Glad you are settled in at home. I’m doing a Veteran’s Day post later this week, too. We mustn’t forget. And we must vote! Happy week.

  3. Hey Nancy. There’s nothing wrong with short and sweet, regardless of length, your posts are always sweet and I laughed at your Hallelujah! I think we all praise the day all those political commercials are gone 🥰

  4. I don’t watch TV so I have missed out on the political ads, but I have gotten my share of phone calls (which I block) and texts (which I delete). My thanks too for our veterans. Thanks for sharing that story about the memorial–fascinating. Have a good week catching up!

  5. Happy Tuesday, Nancy! We are so blessed to live in a country where we are able to vote. I will be forever grateful to our veterans who have fought so hard to protect our freedoms. I wish you a most wonderful week, sweet friend!

  6. Thank you for the mention, and I hope we all enjoy car, insurance, medical, and holiday ads. 🙂 Beautiful Veterans Day recognition. We are all so grateful for their sacrifices. Glad you are home, enjoying life, but knowing you, the Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations will be arriving soon. That’s a good thing so the rest of us can get some ideas. 🙂

  7. That memorial is so impressive, wow, I would love to see that! I’m glad you are taking it slow and enjoying every moment. Thank you for your important words, and our freedom is one more thing we need to be grateful and thankful for as we celebrate Thanksgiving. I always love seeing the photos of your beautiful desert!

  8. Welcome back. I so agree about the political ads. SO. TIRED of them. And life goes on.

    I have attended the ceremony at the Veteran Memorial in Anthem a fw times. The science behind is fascinating. And it is pretty moving to see that it REALLY does happen like it supposed to, and with only the help of the artist, and the sun. I am so glad you shared the info. Before we moved here, I had heard of it. I was tickled to learn it was close by.

    On another note…my dad, a naval officer for 27 years, passed away on Veterans Day. 4 days ago. There is a message there. He will always want us to say, Happy Veterans Day with him in mind. Are we sad? yes, and yet, basking in the wonderful memories of a wonderful dad. He would have loved the memorial. He would ask every year, if we went.

    1. Oh I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. My heartfelt condolences to you and yours. Sending prayers of peace for you. Hope you feel my big hugs to you.

  9. Catching up on my Reading today, dear friend! This was a good one to start with as our Veterans always deserve a tribute such as you’ve compiled. Hoping you are still enjoying this slower pace you spoke of. 🙌🏻

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