Tuesday Tidbits #207 Just Like That


Happy New Year!

Just like that Christmas is over and a New Year has begun! I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to Christmas yet… I love the Magic of the Season along with the twinkling lights that make the darkness of the night disappear.

I love looking at these cute little Santa faces. Some are old and some are new.
Oh how I love the twinkling lights of a Christmas Tree.

When it really comes down to it… I think it’s time for me to experience the Christmas Feels without all the hectic activities and going ons. We traveled pretty much all of December. Which was absolutely wonderful as we saw family and made lots of memories. We had a beautiful Christmas! However, being away from our Christmas Home makes me still long for the Christmas Feels!

Then one day out of no where (and it will happen soon) I’ll wake up and say… “Time for Christmas to get packed up and put away!” 😃


A few weeks ago I posted about us traveling to Colorado. Then soon after… we packed up the Jeep and we found ourselves on a Road Trip to Texas to see our Family! So we decided to see some sights along the way.

Granitic Boulders of the Dragoon Mountains in South East Arizona
Following a Cotton Truck! He was losing some along the way! Cotton even stuck to our Jeep.

Marfa Texas

We saw this Border Patrol Blimp which was tethered in Marfa, Texas. They use it to locate low flying aircraft trying to cross the border from Mexico.

Along Texas Highway 90 we came across this beautiful artwork along the side of the road.

Found on Rte 90 in Marfa Texas.

Artist John Cerney created this display which depicts the actors, Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean and Rock Hudson, who were in the western film Giant. The movie was filmed on this land, Wyatt Ranch, in Marfa, Texas. It was an amazing sight! Music from the movie played in the background which was solar powered.

Elizabeth Taylor
Rock Hudson
James Dean

Alpine Texas

After Marfa… we stopped in Alpine Texas for the night. This was a quaint little town and we were so happy to see it full of murals!

Look at all the Country Singers on this mural!

Alpine was nestled between grass fields and mountains.

Ten Bits Ranch

The next morning we set out for our next resting place called Ten Bits Ranch in Terlingua, Texas. The Ranch was an off the grid place near Big Bend National Park. Since we planned on seeing all of Big Bend we needed a place to stay that was close by. Ten Bits Ranch fit the ticket! It was a Great Place to Stay!

Near the entrance to Ten Bits Ranch.
The view from our cabin at Ten Bits Ranch.
Our Cabin.
Center of the Ranch.
I always love seeing an old truck!
Inside our cabin.
A fabulous place to have breakfast in the morning. Adjacent to this room was a beautiful kitchen for any meal plans you might have.

Thank You

The next time we chat… I will share Big Bend National Park with you. It was absolutely beautiful!

Big Bend National Park

As I always try to convey… we sure do appreciate all of you. Thank you for joining us for another Tuesday Tidbits.

Wishing all of you a wonderful week ahead. Enjoy what this upcoming week brings to you. And whatever you have planned… make every day count and be thankful for your Blessings.

39 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #207 Just Like That

  1. Great photos depicting a fun time, but I must admit I lingered at the ‘Giant’ art work. That is amazing. One thing about decorations is that they are unique to each home, and they can stay up as long as the owner likes. Enjoy those Santas for a while longer, and I miss my white lights already.

    1. The Marfa Art was amazing. Supposedly Marfa is known for lots of Art. Neat little town.
      As for Christmas… I just love it… but then one day, POOF it will all be time for it to go away! Lol!
      Enjoy your 2023 whatever it will be!

    1. I know right! And what a treat to see when you have been on the road for a while!
      We loved it!
      I have missed many of your posts. You were not coming up in my feed… I’m off to figure out why.
      Happy New Year my friend!

  2. Thank you Nancy for the virtual trip. I loved seeing it through your eyes, it was as if I were right there. What an enjoyable and educating time you had. We are still cleaning up from Hurricane Ian but will take a side trip very soon as I have “cabin fever”…need to get out and see something besides loss. Hugs and Blessings Always Happy New Year my friend

    1. Oh Kari… my sister is still cleaning up from the hurricane as well. She is living in a gutted condo this winter but at least their roof was repaired and they got a new roof. The debris out on the street was just picked up before Christmas.
      I hope you can get out for a short trip away.
      Thank you for stopping by! Happy New Year Kari!

  3. I love that you stopped to enjoy seeing some fun things along the way to Big Bend. I especially like the scenes from Giant. The ranch and your cabin look like a great place to stay! Happy January!

    1. It was a great place to stay. It was off the grid… I am glad we had our Jeep to get us back to the ranch.
      Happy New Year my friend!

  4. What an amazing trip, and those murals are fabulous! You had a busy December, no wonder you want to relax a bit longer and enjoy Christmas at home! I always enjoy my virtual travels with you Nancy, and Ten Bits Ranch was definitely rustic! I hope you have many more adventures in 2023!

    1. It was rustic… and so very glad we had our Jeep as it was two miles back off the highway on a dirt trail. But absolutely beautiful with mountains all around us.
      Thank you for the visit and Happy 2023!

  5. Loved all the sites, Nancy! And I know exactly what you mean about the Christmas feels. The good news for me is that I traditionally leave everything out and in place until after the Feast of the Three Kings. Sadly that’s this upcoming weekend; but I must admit, this final week of Christmas tide – having (almost) all of it for myself to enjoy – is magical for me. 🎄 Can’t wait to see photos from the rest of your December travels!!

    1. Oh Dawn… I like hearing that you leave it up as well. My Mom use to leave it up for the Feast of the Three Kings.
      Happy New Year Dear Friend!

  6. Nancy, your trips never disappoint and your photos are always fabulous! I love the Santa mugs and the bokeh from the tree! Taylor, Hudson, and Dean are amazing and so interesting. I also enjoyed the murals. Ten Bits Ranch looks like a place that Butch would love. I will share your post with him. I am so glad you had a fun-filled December! Blessings for 2023, my friend!

    1. It was a fun trip but I do understand why I want to still enjoy our Christmas home.
      The murals of Alpine and the Art of Marfa was an extra bonus on our road trip. How interesting.
      And Ten Bits was rustic… I was a Cowgirl for a few days!
      Happy New Year to you and yours dear friend!

  7. Nancy dear, as a Texan, I must tell you that it is Big Bend, not Big Ben. Nice pics of this beautiful place in Texas!

    1. I knew that… auto correct does that every time I type it. I am off to correct it! Thank you!
      And thank you for visiting Polly… we enjoy Texas every time we visit!
      Happy New Year!

  8. My, you had a nice December. I have enjoyed Marfa, Alpine, and Big Bend, but I have never stayed at Ten Bits Ranch. So cute! Did they serve breakfast to you?

    1. They provided the basics for us to make our own. Bagels, Muffins, Toast, Cereal, and breakfast bars. There were eggs to make your own in the kitchen. Many people brought food for dinner. One night we made Hot Dogs and Mac and Cheese. (Cowboy food? 😃) We found a Mexican Restaurant for take out and brought it back to the dining room on the next evening.
      It was a great trip!
      Thank you for the visit. Happy New Year!

  9. You nailed one reason why I leave everything up till Twelfth Night and a small tree or two longer. It’s nice to have it without the chaos of the holiday — to sit back and enjoy knowing there are no cards to write or gifts to wrap or shopping lists to make. I loved the photos from your road trip. Happy 2023 and thanks for your visits to Marmelade Gypsy in 2022!

    1. I always enjoy visiting you Jeanie! And it sure is wonderful to put our feet up and enjoy our Christmas decor, isn’t it?
      Thank you for all your visits as well my friend. Happy New Year!

  10. Lovely photos, as usual, Nancy. And I love your Santa mugs but couldn’t stop looking at the chocolate spoons – they look delicious and I’m sure if one made it into my hot little hands it wouldn’t last anywhere near long enough to stir hot chocolate.

    1. How about those cute little chocolate spoons! They add fun to your mochas! If you came to visit… I would share one for you to enjoy and one for your mocha! Lol!
      Thank you for your visit my friend! Happy 2023!

  11. What a great adventure, Nancy and more to come. The roadside art by Cerney was fascinating and I loved living through your eyes at Ten Bits. There truly is something grand about Texas. Happy New Year. I will be watching closer for your trip of Big Bend. We will be there in the spring. Happy trails. Donna

  12. How fun! You found some real gems on your travels. I love your santa cup collection. It reminds me of my friend’s collection – she has a full curio cabinet + full of them. So fun and festive! Great post!

  13. Oh my goodness, Nancy! What a fabulous trip! And now we know what that blimp thing was for!! (thank you) I can’t wait to see your photos from the park. We also saw those huge pieces of art, but we didn’t turn around to go check them out. 😕 Your cabin looks wonderful. I’m so glad you had a great time!

    1. We had a wonderful time. As soon as I saw the blimp I had to google it to figure out what it was being used for.
      I’m glad you stopped by for a visit. Next week I’ll be sharing all about Big Bend.
      Take good care and Happy New Year!

  14. Wonderful pictures of a gorgeous scenery, Nancy. Ever since we spent our honeymoon in Fort Davis, we’ve loved West Texas.
    Have a great 2023, too,

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