Tuesday Tidbits #219 This, That and Bunnies

Welcome to This Weeks

Late Edition of

Tuesday Tidbits!

Ya know… life happens and sometimes I can’t get a post published at my regular scheduled time. So today… it’s happening late! Better late then never… right?

First Cactus Bloom of the Spring Season!

On my walk the other day I was thrilled to see my first cactus bloom of the season. We are a little further North in the Valley so the blooms are later then my friends who live further south. This cactus bloom made my day!

Our Backyard Gardens

Guess what else made my day?

Our other roses are blooming! Happy Dance over here! Last week I shared a few photos of our peace roses in bloom. This rose bush has now exploded with many more blooms!


Our roses are blooming a little later then usual. Which is due to our longer then usual cold and wet winter. The other roses are finally making an appearance! Another happy dance!

Our Mr. Lincoln rose. This rose is a much deeper reddish purple then this photo has captured. It’s more of a Mulberry.
Our Montezuma Rose has begun! A coral color rose.
These are not roses but we are happy to see the Aloe in bloom!

Spring in the She Shed!

Of course, life would not be complete if you didn’t have a peek inside the She Shed. Because Spring has arrived in the She Shed! Another happy dance! You all know how much I love this little corner of my life.

I found these melamine plates at our local grocery store!
So darn cute!

The Bunny Mugs do not match but they are just the cutest so why not add them to the table! I am not one to set my tables to be all matchy-matchy.

This mug was given to me from a blogging friend!
Here is the other Mug… don’t you just love it?

The She Shed shelves are a bit brighter as well!

This makes me so very happy!

Bunnies Galore!

I have collected a few bunnies over time to decorate our home for Easter. Here are just a few.

A silver one in our dining room.
Another on our Tea Cart.
This little bunny dish made it into my collection years ago.
This bunny enjoys hiding in our kitchen.
So shiny!
These are on our family room mantel. I bought these when my boys were in elementary school. 30 years ago! 💗

From old bunnies to brand new bunnies… my friend just gave this candle holder to me. Oh my heart!

A lovely centerpiece on our kitchen table.
And yet another given to me by a friend. He’s peeking out from behind the mug.

Thank You

As I always try to convey… we sure do appreciate all of you. Thank you for joining us for another Tuesday Tidbits. Even if it was a little late!


Wishing all of you a wonderful week ahead. Enjoy what this upcoming week brings to you. And whatever you have planned… make every day count and be thankful for your Blessings.

35 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #219 This, That and Bunnies

  1. Love this post….so pretty! I loved when the cactus bloom….so pretty!! Up here in the Pacific Northwest, we have trees and bushes suddenly opening their blooms as of last week! So beautiful! Have a great week!

  2. Oh my! So many great photos on your blog posts, Nancy.
    I am totally jealous that you have such gorgeous Roses and that they are blooming already! It will be months before any roses bloom here. 🙂
    Also, I’m melting over those sweet dishes! Adorable.

    1. I fell in love with those sweet dishes and so here they are! Thanks for hopping by!
      Happy Tuesday Sweet Polly! Say hi to Ned!

  3. Happy Tuesday, Nancy! Your She shed is so pretty decorated for spring. The tablescape with the sweet bunny dishes is beautiful! All of your collection of bunnies are precious and a lovely welcome to spring. Wishing you a wonderful week, sweet friend!

  4. It is so good to se your post. I was wondering about you this morning. Nancy, your roses are amazing, so beautiful. I would love to visit your She Shed, it is always dressed for the season so perfectly. I love your table in the corner with the adorable dishes. The rabbits are just too cute! Happy Week!

    1. Thank you Pam! I’m loving my roses and bunnies. Thanks so much for always sharing your sweet comments with me. Enjoy the rest of your week dear one.

    1. Funny you say that… I was an event planner back in my early days… aka… many moons ago. 😃
      Bunnies are just too cute. I love them. I’m so glad you do too.
      Have a great week my friend!

  5. Your posts may have been a little later than usual but it was worth the wait! Your spring flowers and decorations made me happy this morning! Love those yellow roses! Have a fantastic week!

    1. How about those roses! I credit them to my added coffee grounds around the base of the plants.
      Thanks for hopping by my friend! Have a beautiful week ahead.

  6. Your Arizona blooming makes my happy as we get ready for April here in Central New York, Nance. No pop-outs yet from the valiant green sprouts in our yard!

  7. Early or late — what a treat! May I come live in your she-shed? I could be happy there forever with all that wonderful color and creativity and sheer joy! I love all the bunnies (that table … sigh!). I have that silver bunny, too. He’s a favorite. Oh, it’s so nice to see spring and all the joy. And especially the bunnies!

    1. There’s just something about Bunnies. It makes my heart happy to see you enjoy my happy corner of the world.
      Enjoy your week my friend!

  8. Spring has sprung everywhere around you Nancy! You know I love the cactcus flower and your roses are gorgeous! The bunny plates you found at the grocery store are adorable and I think they look great paired with your bunny mugs for the cute She Shed tablescape! You have so many bunny pretties hopping around, thanks for the smiles!

    1. Smiles all around… I love it!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this cute tablescape… it was fun!
      Enjoy the rest of your week dear Jenna!

  9. Your collection of bunnies is so sweet, Nancy! Who would guess you could find such cute bunny plates at a grocery store? My absolute favorite is the set of violet spring delights. I also loved seeing your garden roses; they are gorgeous. Your Tuesday Tidbits on a Wednesday made my day!

    1. I’m so happy to provide joy to your day!
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for always stopping by.
      Have a wonderful rest of your week.

  10. You have a great selection of roses, Nancy. Always nice for cutting. My cactus aren’t blooming quite yet. I take a walk near quite a few everyday. They have buds , but no flower yet. fingers crossed tomorrow. Love your springy decor. Lovely. Happy Easter.

    1. We love our rose garden. It truly gives us smile each day.
      The cacti are ready to burst… the sunshine will make them dance soon. I’m always so happy when you visit. Thank you!

  11. I find hope in those who manage to squeak out time even when it’s not “on time!” I have had zero time lately since our return to PA for blogging.☹️ But I remain optimistic that soon…the windows of opportunity shall open! In the meantime, I am catching up on my blog reading and your post is simply heartwarming. 💕 Thanks for sharing all the bunny-delight surrounding you with all of us!! 😘

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