Tuesday Tidbits #126 A Bit of This and That

It’s A Late Edition of Tuesday Tidbits!

I hope that all you wonderful Moms had a fabulous Mother’s Day! I was unable to be with my kids but I did invite some neighbor gal pals over for Brunch who also were not able to be with their kids.

Cinnamon Rolls along with Fruit Salad, pastries and Mimosas were served!

We all enjoyed each other’s company! Lots of smiles and laughter was had. And to end the day perfectly… I chatted with my kids. So it was a wonderful day. I’ll see them soon.

New Blooms

Look at these gorgeous backyard cactus blooms that appeared on Mother’s Day!

A wonderful surprise!

An Adventure!

Earlier in the week we took a ride up to the high country to see the whispering pines. I enjoy hearing the tall pines whisper to me in the wind. I smiled all day!

Yes… this is Arizona.

Then add a little water and it’s a perfect day.

Lots of Yellow

I don’t have a Creature Feature this week but I did gift myself some Bejeweled Birds that are Trinket Boxes. I think they are better then a Creature Feature. 😊

I just love them!

And speaking of yellow… let’s head into the She Shed.


And right outside the door we can see some more Yellow… our Palo Verde is in full bloom.


Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and have a wonderful rest of the week.