Tuesday Tidbits #143 September Breezes In

It’s cool and breezy…

Windows are open…

Soup is simmering…

Feels like Fall!

Stuffed Pepper Soup

Welcome and Happy September!

Soup’s On! I’m still not hurrying Summer… but I sure enjoy the cooler temperatures.

These cooler temps made for a delightful day at a nearby winery. Sipping wine by the grapes and smelling their sweet fragrance was heavenly. The grapes are ready to be harvested.

We picked a bunch and they were sweet!
We live in an area where grapes grow quite nicely. We have become a sought after area for wine.

Surprisingly there are 42,000 acres of vineyards along Lake Erie in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. And many more acres that spread into Canada. The local wineries are making fabulous wine.

This is the entrance to Cask 307 Winery in Madison, Ohio.
Words are not needed

From Wine to Ducks

It’s that time of year when the lake starts hosting many migratory ducks. This is one I have not seen before.

This weeks Creature Features

Do we have a Hybrid Mallard here? …hybridization is quite common with Mallards. Looking for bird experts to let me know what the Black Duck is with the white breast.
Male Mallard or a Scaup Duck?

With Fall approaching we can hear the calls of the Canadian Geese as they fly in formation overhead. On the Lake we had hunters waiting for some to land on the lake.

Those are decoys around them. They had several hundred Canadian Geese land near them and a few shots were fired. This is the area of the lake called the Inlets.

Fall Blooms

Our pollinators at work!
All blooming in harmony.

I brought some sedum inside along with my Tea Cups… I found it quite enjoyable!

I love my bejeweled Tea Pot!

I wish for all of you to have a lovely week ahead… thank you so much for the visit!