There’s Nothing Like Finding Gold!


Arizona is a place full of rocks and minerals!

Here is a specimen of Fluorite that I found here in Arizona.


But here it is under U-V Light.

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It fluoresces!

Gold does not fluoresce but it’s a mineral that likes to shine!

Sweet, sweet man and I belong to a Prospecting Club as well as a Rock Club.

Yuuup… I’m a Prospector!

Picture of us from our Daisy Mountain Rock and Mineral Show!

Prospecting for Gold is not easy. But it is fun!

We get to go out into our amazing desert!

Do you see a Donkey?? It is always there.  I zoomed in on it and it looks like someone put a statue of a donkey up there.  I am still not quite sure! I need to zoom in better next time I am there.

First off sweet, sweet man looks at his maps to find out where our Prospecting Club Claim Posts are located.


Once we find our Prospector’s Club Claim… we can dig!

First off we have to get out our equipment.

A drywasher, a vacuum, buckets, and shovels.

Sweet, sweet man then digs in a certain area. I vaccum up the light sand and dirt in the area.

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Yes… he does the hard work…I just take pictures!  😉
The big stuff falls away… and we make sure large nuggets are not escaping. (HA HA HA  never saw a nugget out here!!)

However, gold is heavy and it will collect in the bottom of the drywasher.

The blower is attached to the drywasher to make it vibrate so that rocks, dirt, sand filter out and gold filters in.


Then after a morning of prospecting the area is put back together again to show respect to the claim and to the land.


We head back home…

Where sweet, sweet man pans for gold in our back yard. Remember the red and gray bins… He pans through all of it to get to the “black sand.”

The Black Sand is where you will find the gold. All the other dirt and sand washes out of the pan. Remember when I said Gold is heavy? Well it is… it stays at the bottom of the pan.
Here he is using a snuffer bottle. It collects the gold.


This is just a small portion of what we found that day.

The larger pieces are called “pickers!”

We have found Gold as big as half the size of my pinkie fingernail.

Why do we do it… you ask?

Cause we have FUN!!  It gets us 4-wheeling into the desert!


Even better yet… at the end of the day we always enjoy one of these!


Have you ever found GOLD?  Do you like to Rock Hound?

Until Next Time  ~Nancy