Tuesday Tidbits #181 4th of July

Natural Display of 4th of July Beauty!

Hello Friends!

Welcome to a Late Edition of Tuesday Tidbits!

We enjoyed the Fireworks in town! It was an awesome community event that was well attended!
There were 20 Food Trucks!
Great display of the Red, White and Blue!

4th of July Fun at the Lake!

Even Tanya our Traffic Controller enjoyed the festivities!

Many took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent time on or near the Lake!

Fun on the shore or on the lake…
Kayaking and rafting on the outlet.
Jet Ski Time!
More fun!
Everybody wants to have fun on the lake!

A Trifle Dessert

I made this for a gathering of friends on July 3. It was easy and delicious. The vanilla mousse is made by combining a quart of heavy whipping cream and two small packages of instant vanilla pudding. Whip the mixture until stiff peaks form. Then I just layered the fruit, pound cake and mousse.
On top I frosted with cool whip. This does not have to be just a holiday dessert. It could be made with other fruit as well. Pineapple, Raspberries, kiwi etc. would make a delightful dessert.


An evening boat ride into the fingers of our lake or commonly known as the Inlet to our Lake… treated us to a lovely sunset.

Our friend’s kitty was thinking of coming along but changed his mind when the boat motor turned on.

Family Visits

A trip into Cleveland, Ohio made it possible to see family. My heart is filled with Joy!
The Cleveland Terminal Tower
The Cleveland Script
We enjoyed seeing my sister’s Brown Eyed Susans. I call these Flower Fireworks!

Book Club

I had a enjoyable FaceTime with my Book Club friends back in Arizona!

We found our last book to be “mediocre.” We all used that word!

We did not find this to be a book that we could have a great discussion on. We all found it to be mediocre.

But if you know us a girls… we have no problem discussing lots of other topics!

We also chose our next book as one of the gals has family at The Cape and visits there often.

A Fun Week Was Had!

Way beyond knee high by the 4th of July!

We are definitely not standing around and watching the corn grow! Lots of fun was had here at Two Trails One Road!

My friends, I wish you could join me for these fresh strawberries here in our kitchen. I even have some Trifle left and would love to share. Thanks so much for your kind words and comments. Take good care of yourselves and come back next week.