Tuesday Tidbits #75 A Desert Adventure with Waterfalls

Hello and Welcome In! I can’t believe I’m posting my 75th Edition of Tuesday Tidbits! On this 75th Edition I have an Adventure for you! We are lucky as we live in the Wild, Wild West with wide open spaces. We love our desert and so do our friends so we gathered a few of them with their 4 wheel drive vehicles… and with some Social Distancing… we headed out to find some Water Falls!

On the way we saw beautiful flowers. It’s Spring in the Desert!

Mariposa Lilies
A lovely succulent.
Moss Verbena I do believe.
Paddle Cactus Blooms

We love seeing the flowers but we also enjoy the variety of landscapes that the Southwest has to offer us.

When I drive down a trail like this… I especially look forward to what is around the curve. And in this case what is around the hill?

In this case… there were a lot more boulders but larger. Are you able to spot a saguaro or two? That gives you a reference as to how big these boulders were.

Finally we get to our destination…

These were the small falls… and there were more further up the trail.

 Whenever you find water in the desert… it’s a good day!

This water led to a beautiful pool of water. But getting there took some work! We had to climb a lot of boulders.

The pool was beautiful and refreshing!

Clear cool water!

But since we didn’t bring our trunks or bathing suits… it was time to climb up and out.

Heading out to the desert and seeing nature did us all some good!

Wishing all of you to stay well and to Stay safe my friends!