Arizona Finds

Payson2017February 014
Four Peaks
Swansea Bouse 025
Swansea Trail

Payson2017February 088


Payson2017February 095

Payson2017February 091

Humbug Creek 030
Quads can be found on any of the back roads.
GreenDesert 062
Love the Dead Trees in the desert.  Yes… we were on that back trail you see in the distance!

Desert2 and Instagram styling 123

Pronghorn … a herd found in the Chino Valley.

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Humbug Creek 181
We are loving our wild poppies this Spring!
Payson2017February 108
An Arizona Sunset needs to be on your Bucket List!

Visit Arizona!

You never know what you may see.



21 thoughts on “Arizona Finds

  1. Great photos. Looks like a herd of young elk. Pretty pronghorn, beautiful saguaros, and a lovely sunset and the end. The elk and pronghorn reminded me that in 2007 one of the programmers I had at the time and I had to go to VA to train National Park Service staff how to use software we wrote for the NPS. When we were driving from the airport to our hotel, we saw deer everywhere. The programmer was originally from Bosnia and had never seen deer in person. Deer are like rats in VA, but every evening at dusk, she insisted that we go out and look at the deer.

      1. It is the third day of no school.
        It would be a blast if shoveling❄️ & plowing was not so much work…lol.
        We’ve updated a photo given to the girls.

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