Back at the Lake

We just arrived at the LakeHouse…so how about a little…

Lake Love!

We don’t have snow at the moment…

…but how about some ‘shrooms.

It’s chilly but perfect for a walk on the lake.

And at the local Buffalo Farm… they like it when the fields aren’t covered in snow!

When the sun starts to go down…

We head back to the house to warm up in front of a fire.

It’s good to be back… and soon we will see family. How rich we are in Sunday Blessings and full of thankfulness. Our Thanksgiving preparations are easy …knowing that family time is coming soon.

How about your Thanksgiving Preparations… I’d love to hear about them!

Thanks for the privilege of your time. Come back again!

Until Next Time~ Nancy

33 thoughts on “Back at the Lake

  1. It looks lovely at the lake this time of year. We’re having a little snow this morning. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, and I think most agree a great time to spend with family. Best wishes for a wonderful day with yours, and I will do the same. 🙂

    1. They are fun to watch… and when you go in the evening when it’s time for them to come in and EAT… you are able to get Real Close!
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Good morning Nancy, beautiful lake views my friend. A buffalo farm in PA…surprised to see!

    Wishing you a wonderful week at the lake cozied up next to the fire. Happy Thanksgiving week!

    1. Good Morning to you too, Pam!

      The Buffalo Farm is fun for visiting guests. And they do get close for fabulous pictures!

      Cozying up to the Fire will be easy to do!

      Happy Thanksgiving Week to you as well!

  3. You are certainly blessed..Glad to see you are home once again. Hugs and kisses my sweet sister..have a spectacular Thanksgiving.

  4. Oh how nice to be back at the Lake for a cozy holiday with family Nancy! Have a wonderful week! I left my hot decorating mess in Birmingham and went to the beach house yesterday, it’s so wonderful to have a water view isn’t it! We will enjoy low 70s this week and swim in the heated pool…not very traditional but it’s in the place we all love to be!

    1. Even though we have a Buffalo Farm… we are about two hours south of Buffalo in the great state of Pennsylvania. Lol! Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

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