Chickens and Eggs and Texas, Oh My!

Come join us as we go get some eggs.

We are in Texas Hill Country! And we need to fetch us some Breakfast! 😀

Yay! There’s a few to get us started.

How about a few more eggs, Miss Chicken.

“Okay …but please give me some privacy.”

And look who’s next!

Thanks for these but we’ll be back!

We added these to what was already in the fridge.

There’s nothing like fresh eggs!

After breakfast we headed on over to Luckenbach, Texas.

Cause Everyone is Somebody in Luckenbach, Texas!

These Mailboxes gave me a giggle!

I’m sure glad there are lights on this tree or someone may think it’s time to play Jenga!

Remember what I said…

Everyone is Somebody at Luckenbach, Texas!

We always stop in for a Beer where some of the “Greats” …Great Country Music Legends that is… have as well.

And yes… Luckenbach has chickens too!

Another fun time in Texas Hill Country! We are so glad you came along!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

33 thoughts on “Chickens and Eggs and Texas, Oh My!

    1. You said it so perfectly! And gave me a giggle!
      …But I will say these have little personalities… unlike a Tomato. Now I have both of us giggling!

  1. Nancy, we were in the Hill Country last July. My hubby loves to go to Luckenbach. Your photos look very very familiar😀 wherever you go, you always have fun. The hubs always buys a t-shirt, last year’s purchase had an armadillo on it 🤣 I love the basket! Happy Sunday my friend!

    1. We go to Luckenbach every time we visit Texas. There’s just something about that little place. The day we were there… it was pretty crowded outside. We went in the afternoon but We like going at night when the locals are there and everyone gathers around the wood stove to keep warm.
      And last night we went to see Whey Jennings sing here in our Arizona town. Whey is the grandson of Waylon Jennings. He sounded just like his Grandpa! Waylon loved Luckenbach!
      Speaking of Armadillos… I saw my first one this last visit! 😁
      Always fun chatting with you!

    1. Isn’t it just a neat place? So much country music history in one small place. I’m so happy you have been there!

      And the eggs …from sweet man’s sister and brother in law’s place …were quite tasty before we headed to Luckenbach.

      Thanks for the visit!

  2. Hi Nancy,
    So you were in Luckenbach! Great place to visit, isn’t it. I wish we could have met! I love Luckenbach, and, living close by, I’m there fairly frequently. I’m always amazed when, going there on FM 1376, I pass through “Uptown Luckenbach” and thus conclude that there must be a “Downtown Luckenbach”, too. Which is, of course, the “Luckenbach, Pop. 3” we all know. 😉
    Those “roosters of Luckenbach” are something, aren’t they?
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

    1. Yes! We find their Roosters quite interesting! They climb the big oaks!

      It was a quick trip or I would have looked you up. But now that I know you are close to Luckenbach … I’ll keep that in mind for the next time we go.

    1. I always tell sweet man I want chickens and two goats. But first we need a small farm. Lol!

      I wonder what your kitties would think if some chickens showed up? Lol!

      1. A small farm would be nice. It would be interesting to see what the cats would think about them. We have the land, but I can’t let chickens roam free these days because we now have too many raccoons and other preditors. I don’t like keeping them in small pens. We have to have completely covered enclosures to keep raccoons and bobcats out.

      2. Yes many are doing that as the predators come out of the woodwork. My sister in law has a comfortable chair set up by her chicken coop and let’s them out for quite a long time while she reads or tends to her bee hives, or cleans the area etc.

        But living in two places and adding a farm just so I can have chickens and two goats… well it’s a bit silly… so I’ll just go to the locals and get fresh eggs… and visit the goat farm when we head to Texas. Lol!

  3. Bar-b-Q in Luckenbach? Speaking of chickens, we were just at my daughter’s farm and had to buy eggs because the chickens have gone on strike!

    1. Oh they do go through that!

      I have never seen Bar-B-Q there but they may have it sometimes. It’s mostly a place to listen to music inside and out. They also dance in the hall.

      Glad you came along!

  4. Is that a Longaberger basket? I love them and went through the factory quite a few years ago. The headquarters building looked just like a basket and they sold it. What a wonderful post with the chickens and BBQ!

    1. That is a Longaberger. We all have Ohio Roots. My sister sold them. I love their pottery… sad they went out of business.

      Thank you for coming along with us!

  5. Love the pics of Luckenbach….looks like fun!! Your egg gathering brought back memories of my Great Grandmother gathering eggs on the Iowa farm for us kids breakfast. (she was 95 at the time)…love it! here’s to a great 2020!!

    1. I have a friend who is the same way. These girls were quite nice and my sister and brother in law do a very nice job of keeping them and the area super clean. 🙂

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