Morning Lights

We love waking in the early morning to enjoy the quiet and the winter glow. Come and enjoy it with us.

So glad you enjoyed the glow.

This was an addition to Friday Fun. It’s been a while since I updated that page here on Two Trails One Road. Thanks so much for stopping in.

Until Next Time~ Nancy

24 thoughts on “Morning Lights

  1. I love white lights and always keep a lot up through dreary January! We even have 2 large trees flanking the patio that are lit {with a timer} all year long! I love your furry cushions and throw, so cozy!

    1. Jenna thanks for stopping by! I love candles! And these are the flame less so they are safe! The furry pillows and throw on the coffee table add a bit of texture and coziness. But between you and I and the fence post… that throw is really a vest! 🤣😆

  2. Thanks for the movie, Nancy. It’s very good for me because – as an absolutely non-morning-person – I can stay in bed and only later watch it! 😀

  3. This is so beautiful, Nancy!! Thank you for taking us with you <3 I love the twinkly lights and palpable peace of the morning. This was so special!

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