It’s Moments Like These

It’s been a fabulous week! The weather here, just north of Phoenix, is fabulous! The sun is shining and the temps are perfect. In fact, my first rose of the season has bloomed.

To my gardener friends…what causes the brown edges on my roses? I asked Siri and she gave me a multitude of reasons.

The sun has been shining non stop and I just love how the morning sun glimmers on our dining room centerpiece.

I am loving the rich purple…! Because of this centerpiece I have purchased purple pillows and a few purple accessories for this table!

Speaking of purple the wild Lupines are still in full bloom along with the yellow poppies!

And so is our Spanish Lavender.

The bees enjoy congregating on the blossoms!

A Date Day made for a beautiful afternoon at a winery north of us, in Cornville, AZ. Fabulous wine was had at Page Springs Cellars and lovely scenery surrounded us. In a month, when Spring comes to this area of higher elevation, the area will green up a little bit more.

The young gals took our pictures. The other gals were retired school principals. We all had a fun time sharing stories!
While sipping wine …this was our amazing view. The River is Oak Creek! Oh and when the green leaves return it will be even better! We saw ducks surf down those rapids. They were so funny!

I hope that your week was good. I also hope the weather is cooperating and Spring is starting to show its signs in your neck of the woods.

I now leave you with one of our back yard sunsets while enjoying a fire in our fire pit. Sending well wishes to all of you for a great week ahead.

33 thoughts on “It’s Moments Like These

  1. Good morning Nancy. The photos are incredible. I am no rose expert, but your yellow rose is stunning as well as the sunset pouring through on you lovely table. Lupines and poppies…amazing! The visit to the winery looks like fun and the river view is stunning. Wishing you a delightful day sweet friend!💗

    1. Pam the winery was beautiful and we will go back when the spring leaves come back.
      The wildflowers are such a beautiful sight to see here in the desert!

      I’m looking forward to sharing the new purple “accessories” for the dining room! 💜

      Happy Sunday Pam!

  2. A date day at a winery sounds like so much fun! It’s always nice to get out and enjoy a beautiful day. I love your yellow rose and the purple lavender and lupines.

    1. Thank you! We enjoyed the Page Springs area and the new friends we made!
      And our wildflowers are always such a beautiful sight!
      Happy Sunday to you!

    1. The news just needs to be turned off for a bit at times. And peace needs to surround us. So for a moment looking at a few pretty pictures brings me peace and I hope it does for others as well.

      Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. Your upbeat tone is wonderful. It seems that you enjoy and appreciate all that is around you which is the way life should be.🤗

    1. Lulu I have to say I’m pretty much upbeat all the time. And when I am not, people notice and worry.
      I have a sweet man who is very good to me and makes our lives wonderful.
      We are blessed and thank God everyday for our happiness.
      Have a lovely week!

  4. I so enjoyed your pictures at the winery. You had a beautiful day for relaxing and enjoying nature. Thanks for sharing what ended up being a special time for two!

  5. Now wait just one darn minute. We were north of Phoenix two weeks ago (flew home 2 weeks ago today) and at one point I was wearing long johns under my jeans…and gloves. Just saying. I DO remember just before we left that the lupine was blooming along the edges of the road…and I saw ONE poppy at a rest stop. But obviously we were just a little too early!

    1. Two weeks ago today I was hiking and the Lupines and poppies were just starting.
      We have had fabulous weather here in the Valley…70’s! …and 80’s the past few days. So you must of been at a higher elevation where it was cold.
      We were at Spur Cross Trail today and there were no poppies but lots of Brittlebush in bloom.
      Happy week to you!

  6. I just can’t believe you’ve got such amazing weather. I may just have to convince my husband to move us to AZ. Alabama weather is fickle. One minute is wet and cold. The next minute it’s cold and sunny, the ground saturated from the rain. It’s hard to garden in weather like that. ;-p

    1. The weather here in AZ is almost perfect. However, it’s the summer months I dislike and that is why we head to Pennsylvania during those months.

      Your part of the country did get a lot of rain these last few months. Hoping it dries out for you.

      Thanks so much for the visit. Hope you stop by again.

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