Tuesday Tidbits #90 Summer Time

Hello Friends!

A stroll in the yard and this rose took my breath away blooming in our cottage gardens. I think it’s the frilly edges that I like so much.

I am not going to dismiss the craziness of what’s going on all around us. I am so sick of politics, the virus and 2020. I am pretty much an upbeat person but will say my upbeat personality sometimes goes to the wayside when I hear about our World situation. It helps to walk through our gardens where I count my blessings and am grateful for everything. I try to not let the craziness get the best of me.

Recently I got together with a friend and we went Kayaking. It was refreshing and it was exactly what I needed! We didn’t stop chatting the whole entire time. Morning coffee, these lake views and our friendship was what we needed!

Then Sweet Man took me out for a nice evening. We had a few beers and an appetizer at a new local spot on the water. It was quite nice.

Then a beautiful sunset as well…

An evening of perfection!

On another happy note… The flower gardens are doing quite nicely!

The veggie gardens are coming along. We have cherry tomatoes ripening slowly. But the bigger tomatoes still need time. However… other people’s gardens are full of summer squash, zucchini and green beans!

I made a delicious new recipe with summer squash from a road side market.

Summer Squash Fritters

They were delicious! I got the recipe from Southern Bite They were easy to make and we had them with meatloaf and homegrown green beans.

I found out the sad news that the Big Ten Conference will not be playing college football this season due to Covid. So another sad news day for me. I love my college football like many others.

But even though it was a sad news day… I think you should see the new kitchen floor at the LakeHouse! Sweet Man did a great job!

We love it and we are quite happy with the outcome… a cozy country kitchen!

I am so happy you stopped by for a visit…

40 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #90 Summer Time

  1. I know exactly how you’ve been feeling and also find that nature and gratitude are the best ways to stay positive. Your photos are beautiful — a real pick me up. 🙂 Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Good morning Nancy. The rose is so beautiful and we need beauty right now. I so agree with you, I am immersed in the joy of my granddaughters, I can’t watch any news. Spending time with a friend is a great way to give the mind a rest. Sweet Man did a fabulous job on your new kitchen floor, it is so warm and cozy!

    Wishing you a joy-filled day my friend!

    1. Pam I just visited you! We are in sync! Lol!
      We are enjoying the new floor! It just makes it all that more cozy.
      Thanks for enjoying the gardens right along with me.
      Happy Tuesday my friend! 🤗

  3. Your gardens, flowers and new floor are all looking great! The lake views, kayaking, and drafts by the water though really make me envious of your wonderful summer living. You’ve got it all girl! The world and our current events are enough to make one depressed, but you certainly stay upbeat and take us along on your road to staying positive and for that I say a since thank you. Happy Tuesday to you both.

    1. Thank you! We do live in two paradises and are grateful everyday. And through this whole pandemic… I do try to stay as upbeat as possible. Hoping that positivity will bring us all through.
      Happy Week to you my friend.

    1. Thank you so much!
      And yes… nature helps us escape.
      I’m glad you enjoy this cozy country kitchen. It’s perfect for us.
      Happy Week to You!

  4. Nothing beats being by the water in the summer. It really is a solace. Both your garden and your floor are beautiful! Down here in south central PA, our tomatoes are ripening very slowly.

    1. Thank you for enjoying our gardens and our new Kitchen floor! It really adds to our kitchen.
      We put in our garden late so hoping those tomatoes ripen soon!
      Thank you for the visit!

  5. Yes, nature and friendship so needed right now. I love your pictures and kind words, Nancy. A sweet spot of refreshing joy. Your floor looks fabulous. <3 To you both, always. <3 Xx

  6. Nancy, your flowers are beautiful! I know they must bring you great joy. I love your gorgeous kitchen. The new floors look great! Happy Tuesday, sweet friend!

  7. The whole world has gone crazy, Nancy, and it may never be the same again, so it’s important to focus on the things that really matter. I think you’re doing a fine job of that 🥰

  8. Fresh flowers, a paddle out on the lake, and a beautiful sunset with RL and drinks … life is good. Sometimes we just need to step away from the craziness. Besides it’s not like we have control. This Covid stuff is driving us all crazy and it won’t be going away anytime soon.😣 Love the new floor!

  9. That rose is absolutely beautiful!
    I know what you mean about the World right now. There’s so much going on and I’m so tired of it all.
    The floors look amazing!
    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  10. Stunning rose Nancy! I’m so glad you are soothing your soul with lake views and flowers~ it is amazing how now we get so much pleasure out of the simple things so at least that’s an upside to the world situation right now. What a great looking restaurant, so lovely to sit and sip safely on a beautiful patio! Your squash fritters look so good, I am going to put them on my bucket list for September! Kudos to Sweet Man for his floor installation!

    1. He did an amazing job! We love how it came out and made the kitchen more cozy.
      The squash fritters are delightful! I am warming up a few in the oven to have for breakfast! I will definitely make them again.
      Thank you for all the love today. Enjoy your week and stay well Jenna!

  11. Nancy, these are such beautiful pictures! I’m glad you are doing the best you can to navigate these strange days. Don’t lose hope. That’s my mantra lately. Stay healthy and strong my friend! <3

  12. I feel your frustration; know that you are not alone! I love your bouquet of flowers; so many lovely colors. Doesn’t it feel good to get out of an evening and pretend everything is normal? Your Sweet Man did an awesome job on the floor. Send him on over!😉

  13. You are so lucky to have so much nature around you and that floor!!!! It is gorgeous! I keep putting off getting mine done because I can’t make up my mine if I want the entire house done or to leave the bedrooms carpeted. Decisions-decisions! Anyhow, your pictures are amazing!

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