Tuesday Tidbits #188 Do You Feel It?

The morning birdsong has given way to crickets chirping. Have you noticed?

Here in NW Pennsylvania we have recognized it.

That autumnal feeling is slowly inching its way into our backyards.
Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangea taking on it’s late summer look.
The Hummingbirds are hanging around a little bit longer at the feeders. Are they getting ready for their long journey to warmer weather?

Hello and Welcome!

Cooler weather was felt a few days back and it sure was a treat! The hot and humid weather can zap my energy where outside work and play comes to a cease.

However, I’m not quite ready to give up on Summer… so “Summer On” I say!

Fun on the Lake.
Summer’s Morning Glow on the lake along with the dancing of Purple Martins.


We stepped away from Pennsylvania for a few days to visit family in Texas. It was HOT! Seeing family made the heat much more bearable.

Seeing Longhorns always reminds me of the day I tried to feed one. I jumped out of the back of an old pickup truck with some food in my hand. As fast as I jumped out… I jumped right back in. I about got knocked over with their longhorns. One quick move with their head and bam… you can be down on the ground in no time! I now let the feeding of Longhorns to the experienced Cowboys and Cowgirls!
I get a kick out of seeing the chickens eat sour cream. They love it!
When we are in Texas we enjoy watching the deer come into the pasture.
We have ourselves some posers!

Funny Story

As we headed to Texas we parked near the Cleveland Airport. (We fly out of Cleveland.) We were to text the parking lot one hour before we arrived… which we did. When we arrived we pulled into the lot… and wondered where the official lot keeper was. We drove around and finally spotted a small car. The attendant was in the car… he rolled his car window down ever so slowly and told us where to park.

We then parked but I wondered where our shuttle was. So I walked back up to the small car and asked about the shuttle but after he…. s l o w l y rolled down his window… he said… “I am your shuttle and will drive up to you in a few minutes.” I walked back to our car and thanked God we only had two carry ons. Because that’s all that would fit in his car trunk! After a few minutes he pulls up to us and packed our luggage into his small trunk. We got into the car and at this point I am starting to wonder if this is all legit… are we being kidnapped???

There was no conversation as he BLARED the radio music and as slow as he was with the car window the opposite he was with his driving. We were now in a Shuttle Race Car!

All the while as we sped by others and were listening to the top 20… I prayed we were on our way to the airport. At one point sweet man started to question it as well because the exit for the airport was coming upon us. Sweet Man started looking at me with wide eyes and made me aware (with his facial expression only because remember we can’t communicate because the radio is blaring) that the exit was right there in front of us. So now let’s add more drama to this story… we were 4 lanes over!! You guessed it correctly… he buzzed that car over 4 lanes of traffic and whipped right down the exit to the airport! Sweet Man and I were holding on to the hand pulls from the car’s ceiling.

With our hearts beating at a rate faster then a sprinter running a race… we made it to the airport intact and with a story to tell. And I was repeatedly thanking God we made it! And what makes it even funnier… the same guy picked us up at the airport when we arrived back from Texas! 😬😳

Summer Produce

We are enjoying the summer harvest of so many different farmers. From sweet corn to squash to beets to tomatoes! It’s all delicious and so very fabulous! How about you? What are you preparing with your summer harvest?

Thankful for this bounty in our kitchen.

Late Summer Gardens

Lots of dead heading goes on at this time of year but the beauty is still there for all of us to enjoy.

This Yarrow enjoys lots of bees and ladybugs.
Are these Ladybugs or Asian Lady Beetles? Asian Lady Beetles give off an incredible odor as a defense mechanism if they feel harmed in any way. At times this yarrow plant will smell very badly due to these insects!
I’m still bringing the outside in.

Thank You

I do believe that’s it for this week. As I always try to convey… we sure do appreciate all of you. Thank you for joining us for another Tuesday Tidbits.

Do I see some leaves starting to change?

Wishing all of you a wonderful week ahead. Whatever you have planned… make every summer day count.

29 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #188 Do You Feel It?

  1. Yes, I’ve noticed the crickets. In fact, I have one stuck in my house that I can’t find. It is driving me crazy, and even worse, my husband is a little hard of hearing (refuses to get a hearing aid) and he insists I’m crazy.
    Oh, there it goes again!

  2. Yikes, that is a scary airport story! Those Texas longhorns are amazing, and who dreamed chickens would like sour cream! Sounds like your enjoying the last days of Summer to the fullest! We will have warm temps in Alabama until mid Oct. Your flowers are beautiful!

  3. Good morning, Nancy. That story had me holding on to my chair, what a scary ride. I know you enjoyed your trip to Texas to see family, I can imagine the heat and humidity. I love seeing your beautiful flowers still looking good. The last photo of the clouds reflecting on the lake is lovely. Thanks for sharing what is going on in your world!

  4. Beautiful set of photos. I love those long horns. Great story. I have a similar one about getting to the train station from the border at Nogales, Mexico. This was 40 years ago. The travel agent told us the train station was in walking distance from the border. That was more bull than your Long Horns. A guy asked us if we needed a taxi. We said yes. He broke into a car and took us on a wild ride, with the Mexico radio blaring, to the train station, which was 5 miles from the border. Once at the train station, we met some Aussies who were back packing around the states and Mexico. They had neatly bundled packs. While we were waiting some official types wanted to do our paper work. I did not have a passport, which I didn’t need it those days, but the guy said I needed to go to the consulate to get proof of citizenship. I said there was no time, so he had me fill out a form and for $5, he would take care of it. The they processed the Aussies, and they came out livid. The Aussies said “doesn’t this form say free? We had to pay a dollar each for these forms.” I told them I paid five bucks for my citizenship. When the train was ready to board, a group of officials with dark aviator glasses and machine guns walked up, set up tables and said they were customs. People had to put their boxes of stuff and suitcases on the tables and the customs dudes took every thing out, went through it, piled it up and shoved the mess down the table for the people to repack, and started on the next victim. The Aussies, who were in line right behind us, were groaning, rightfully, with the neatly, tightly packed back packs. I started to put my suitcase on the table, when the guy I paid $5 said they had already checked us out. Then he told the customs guy the Aussies were with us, and we all got through with no search. Turned out to be the best $5 I ever laid down.

      1. As I tell people when they complain about travel is that they survived so now they have a really good story. And while it may not have seemed funny at the time, aftwards it is. There’s a pop song about one bad day equals 100 good stories. That’s the right way to think about it.

      2. It’s funny you say that because when we were walking to our gate I told sweet man… we now have another great story to add to our Great Stories List! glad to hear from you Tim!

      3. You get it. Just for the fact you retold the story you get it. Great minds think alike.

  5. Adore that ladybug photo! All of them. Your airport story had me on the edge of the seat — I’d be thinking the same thing! So glad you could get back to cool Pennyslvania before return to AZ! It’s all just lovely, Nancy!

  6. I enjoyed your detailed post this morning. It’s always so wonderful to stay in contact with you via your blog. I do love it. Have a great week. Honey snd I hope to see you Friday.

  7. I can just imagine that car ride to the airport! LOL
    Your photos are gorgeous as always. It’s been hot and muggy here as well, but I’ll take it since I’, not looking forward to winter at all.

  8. So you were down here in Texas and saw two of our iconic sights, the deer and the Longhorns.
    It’s many years ago now, that I had the opportunity to get very close to Longhorns. That was when we were still living in Karnes County, where there was quite a herd [about 150] of those magnificent animals. Mary knew the owner and her family very well and one day they took us out to their herd. We were able to be in the middle of those animals.
    I have a post with videos here: https://pitsfritztownnews.wpcomstaging.com/2014/09/29/longhorns/
    Basically, these animals are very gentle. We were warned, though, to be aware that they can very suddenly move their head with those enormous horns, to scare away flies, e.g., and don’t care if you are in their way. That had happened to the owner’s partner once. The tip of a horn tore open his cheek and he had to have more than 50 (!!) stitches. Well, I’m happy to say we came off without any accident but with a fantastic experience.

  9. The purple Martin’s dancing in the sky are simply magical. Hugs to you for capturing them and all the other lovely signs that the Season’s are changing. And special blessings for your safe delivery to and fro’!!😂 Yee-gads!!! 🏎🏎🏎

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