Road Trip

Do you cringe or smile when you hear the words “Road Trip?”


I actually love it! My sweet man and I often road trip. We don’t just jump in the car and go. We plan. Actually sweet man plans it all. He figures out the route, the hotels, antique stores and for me he thinks about photo ops. Which means the SIGHTS in the area that we will enjoy and I can photograph. I’ll also do some research about the SIGHTS. Then we head out.

I always pack healthy food to munch on while we are on the move. It helps us from getting “HANGRY!” …but we will partake in the local food. I love trying something new and enjoy what the area is known for.

This was from Ragun Cajun bar of Petersburg, VA. It was the best Crawfish Étouffée I have ever had!
Shrimp n Grits in Savannah, Ga.

We also try to visit friends along the way…

Visiting friends along the Potomac River. They made us a fabulous dinner!

After fun fellowship it’s hard to get back on the road again but off we go!

You never know what a wrong turn will take you.

USS Yorktown at Patriots Point in Charleston.

Charleston Bridge in Charleston, SC.

You have to know and understand your partner when traveling. To say it simply… don’t let a beautiful trip turn into an argument. Know who is best at the driving and the navigating. And KNOW what works best for your situation. And if tempers do flare… forgive and forget as a road trip can be tiring! Play great music… some karaoke can make everyone happy!

My honey knows I love old trucks… when he sees one he will point it out or pull over so I can take a picture!

He waits patiently while I take a million captures.

Rainbow Houses in Charleston, SC

Fountains down at Waterfront Park in Charleston, SC.

Looking across the water to Fort Sumter.

St. Michael’s Church in Charleston. Look at that cloud!

Sometimes with all the sightseeing a thirst for a cold one comes up! Especially if old memories need to be relived.

Moon River Bar of Savannah, Ga. Sweet man was here many years ago.

After a cold one we soak up more of the sights…

The homes of Savannah, Ga. are amazing!

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So the next time you hear Road Trip don’t cringe… make it fun!

Tell me your tips for a Road Trip!

Until Next Time ~Nancy