I Am Here

Hi Everyone! I had to make sure you saw this sunrise over my favorite lake! Edinboro Lake in Pennsylvania. This is a hometown capture!  I grew up on this lake and had the most fabulous childhood! And now as a all grown up kid ( an adult?) …I am enjoying it once again! 

We have escaped the heat in Arizona and are here for the summer. Hope all of you are enjoying your summer!

Until Next Time   ~Nancy

44 thoughts on “I Am Here

    1. Yes! But I will say… We have been working our behinds off with renovations inside and outside at the Lake House. But it’s All Good! 🙂

    1. Glad you liked this photo. Thank you so much for the compliment.
      We love Pa. as well. You stayed in the eastern region of the state and we are in the north western region.
      Happy Summer Vacation to You!

    1. Yes we left 119 degrees. It has been beautiful back here. Only two days of humidity.
      Thank You for loving my Lake. (I act like I own it… HA HA HA)

  1. I can imagine the happy time you had there when you were a kid. Thank you so much, Nancy for sharing the special place and photo with us! 🙂

  2. It’s so beautiful! Having lived in Mesa, I confess that I wondered how you could get so excited about living in Scottsdale! I get it now–you’re a snowbird! Perfect! 😆👍

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