How We Spring in the Desert

Spring in the Desert is a must for all to see.

The desert loves to show off its beauty in the Spring.

superbloom 007
Owls Clover

This Spring in the desert it has been more spectacular due to all the rain we had this past winter.

Wildflowers and green grass is blanketing the Sonoran desert.

Superbloom2 007

The wildflower super bloom was an event that only happens every 10-20 years.

Superbloom2 040

Superbloom2 046

Superbloom2 016

Superbloom2 384

Our back yard is full of blooms as well.

Superbloom2 172

Superbloom2 193
Love our back yard!

The desert in some areas looks like a jungle!

Superbloom2 274

Or a forest!

Superbloom2 245

Beautiful species love Spring time in the desert!

Superbloom2 062

superbloom 082

And then… when the wildflowers subside… the cacti begin to bloom.

WalkWith Cactusblooms 014
From the wild textures of thorns and spines come the blooms of the cactus.

What beauty the cacti brings us.

SpringMAcrosVignettes 041

SpringMAcrosVignettes 047 - Copy

WalkWith Cactusblooms 024


Please come see Spring Time in the Desert!


31 thoughts on “How We Spring in the Desert

    1. DARN! I’m holding out on you… you have til mid May! We might have to find a half way point between Columbus and Edinboro, Pennsylvania this summer. Going to have to look at a map! We could meet for lunch one day this summer.

    1. We are loving every minute of it! Spring will be returning to you very soon.
      Thank you for enjoying my captures of the Super Bloom!

  1. I can’t even tell you how sad I am we had to leave. I have to be content with the early part of the super bloom, it was spectacular.

    1. Well, Darlin’ YOU always share beautiful photos with us! I had to do my part to keep up with you! HA HA HA !!!
      Thank you for enjoying my Super Bloom Photos!

      1. I love your super bloom gallery, Nancy! Wildflowers just start in here in Texas. It’ll be on fire in a week or two.
        Thank you for your compliment. 🙂

  2. It has been exceptionally pretty this year. Lovely collection of photographs. Now that the wildflowers are starting to dwindle, it might be time to visit the Botanical Garden to see all those amazing cacti in bloom 😉

  3. Gorgeous photos Nancy (as usual) I especially love the shots of your backyard and the first cactus bloom with the spines.

  4. We got to experience the green everywhere and the yellow poppies and brittlebush while at White Tank. It was amazing. I’m sorry we left before the cacti bloomed. I only got see two buckhorn cholla blooms:( Your yard is beautiful!!

  5. Having lived in the Rockies my younger years and trekking to the foothills and the arid areas, your photos bring back memories, although I must admit I never have seen a desert come alive with a super bloom. I am envious, and your photos catch it well.

    1. Thank you! This year was amazing! It has faded but the cacti are doing their thing now. The blooming saguaro is a sight to see!

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