Hello Again

Hello Again My Friends! I’m back… and  it feels good to be here in Blog Land! I sure hope you are all doing well. I have checked in with a few of you and I’m happy to say that ALL is well.

Edinboro1 001
Edinboro Lake, Pennsylvania    Collage


We got back from our Lake House in Edinboro …just last month. Summer flew by as we were busy updating the Lake House and spent most of our time outside with Landscaping. Many of our wild neighbors kept a watch on us. Edinboro1 013

Edinboro1 028

Birds and Patio 056
He’s looking for his cousin Punxsutawney Phil.

Sweet, sweet man worked hard on making a back patio for us so that we could lounge on some of those hot summer days.

Birds and Patio 078

Of course when we were not working we headed into Cleveland to see my boys and friends.

Edinboro1 135 - Copy…it was always nice to get home…

Edinboro1 004
Breakfast in our Dining Room that faces our Sunroom. (This was updated the previous summer!)

Seasons change and Summer turns into Fall at the Lake…

Edinboro Lake Pennsylvania      Which means we head for our other beloved home… amAZing  Arizona.
We love our wide open spaces, mountainous vistas and those beloved Saguaros!

Globe to Showlow 007 - Copy

15965764_1791968341063972_6825515497909812176_nIt’s so good to hear my owls again…

Owl1 020

See the quail march on our backyard wall…

CactusFlowersandQuail 107
…the baby quail are so fun to watch… Dad is keeping an eye on them!


I guess you are stuck with me again!

“I’ll be back!”

Cause I’ve  got an adventure to share with you…


29 thoughts on “Hello Again

    1. Oh I hope you do… but we both know how easy Instagram is. Thanks so much for viewing here too!
      I had so many problems with this post today. First it was to the left then it jumped to the right. THEN THERE WERE HUGE spaces in between my pictures! Oh Good Golly! I used the new editing format and I did not care for it. I fixed everything (sorta) in the OLD editing format!
      Lets hope I can get it right next time!
      HUGS TO YOU! I hope you post a little bit. 🙂

      1. The Lake House has certainly evolved into a real beauty of a retreat. Lots of heart and hard work. Have enjoyed seeing the process. Photos are just beautiful. I haven’t heard or seen my owls, but the hawks have certainly been a tease. Lovely post, dear Nancy. Thank you.

        P.S. I prefer old format.

    1. Thanks So Much Mark! I am glad you are back visiting me over here in AZ. I hope to continue here and there… so keep watching for me.
      Keep that snow away as I am heading backto Edinboro for Thanksgiving! NO SNOW PLEASE!

    1. Thanks Sugar!

      I had a few problems posting left of center and had to rearrange everything down the middle… I was pulling my hair out and said a few “words!”
      Once my laptop and wordpress heard me … it all went a wee bit better! 🙂

    1. Thank you Judy! That owl was camped near our backyard! I had so much fun taking photos of it!

      Thank you for stopping by. I love your everlasting support!

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