Tuesday Tidbits #29

We’re Not in Arizona Anymore, Toto!

Even though the Phoenix area is experiencing a May of delightful temperatures… we headed to Pennsylvania because we love the Keystone State as well! Family and friends are close by and our gardens need us!

Speaking of Gardens…

The rhododendrons change day to day.

Watching the bees on them is incredible! I just love how this one is getting covered in pollen!

One of our gardens was hit hard due to lack of snow… hard to believe! This area had 50 inches less snow then usual. Snow coverage is beneficial for some perennials as it works as the perfect insulator. Without the blanket of snow the ground can freeze which damages roots. However not to fear, we planted new perennials and the garden is looking better everyday.

I didn’t use these shovels for gardening but love having them out…

The Columbines are flourishing…

…and so are the Forget Me Nots…

I was so happy to see my chives doing well and in bloom…

My neighbor told me that Mrs. Wren returned to the Birdhouse. She and her babies left before we got here.

Feeding the birds is a bit different here. In Arizona, as soon as you put feed out for the birds, they arrive seconds later. Here in Pennsylvania it takes about 4-5 days until they start to show up. And when they do… we are thrilled!

Much to my delight… the Lilacs were still blooming!

And of course I picked some and made a dining room centerpiece…

In fact, I picked some Rhodies and brought them in.

Rhododendron pink adds a little fresh touch to the living room at the LakeHouse. If you are a new follower… the LakeHouse is my childhood home. We love having the house stay in the family. My brother’s painting and my Mother’s violin hang proudly on the wall. I turned the vintage Curio Cabinet into a Bar Cart of sorts.

More pink is added to our Green Pottery and Insulator Collection…

We love our LakeHouse and it’s Cottage Gardens…

So happy that the Old Homestead greeted us with open arms… as well as this lovely lake.

Thanks for another Tuesday Tidbits visit! I so enjoy your visits and always appreciate your comments! Thank You!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

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32 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #29

  1. Nancy, the cottage garden is flourishing and welcomed you back with a bounty of gorgeous blooms! The rhododendron blooms are just breathtaking and I can’t even imagine the smell of the lilacs. Wishing you a most wonderful day sweet friend!

    1. The lilacs were such a treat! A delight to my eyes!

      Thank you for visiting and always commenting. I appreciate it my friend! 💗

  2. Loved your latest test blog entry. I miss lilacs and you too my sweet friend.

    1. I miss you too my friend! I am glad you got to see the lilacs. They were a special treat!

      Thanks so much for visiting! Have a good rest of the week!

  3. Enjoyed this so much this morning.. Going to Mentor withCheri to buy some of the winning tickets for a big draw…then a quick stop atTJ Max and maybe anursery..dont need any more plants. Have some to planting to do butwaiting for guys to Power wash tomorrow. Went havent put anything out, it even front porch furniture..thur and Friday Will.be busy days for us…love you

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  4. Nancy, how lucky you are to be able to spend your summers in your lovely childhood home. Your garden is beautiful. I can picture you relaxing by the lake on a lazy summer afternoon.

    1. You pictured it correctly! Thanks for the garden love! I bet you are still feeling wonderful after your trip to Ireland! Looking forward to more of your pictures… when you get settled!

    1. Oh it takes about a week… then we pretty much are smooth sailing. And then we start projects etc.

      Thank you for the garden love!

  5. How gorgeous, Nancy. The garden is looking every bit as spectacular as always, not to mention the lake. I’ve no doubt you’ll enjoy your stay.

    1. We will make it memorable… I am sure. Thanks so much for enjoying our garden and mini tour!

      I was telling sweet man about your poinsettias… I am in awe of them. 🌺

      1. That’s lovely Nancy. I’m about to post a photo of my little (baby) snowflake. I’m sure you’ll like it too.

  6. Such a gorgeous roundup of blooms!! I don’t think I have ever seen rhododendrons in person- they are one beautiful flower! Also, those shovels are absolutely adorable. Hope you had a nice start to your week, Nancy 🙂

    1. We had a lovely start to our week! Thanks for enjoying our Cottage Gardens!
      Those shovels are toooo cute indeed!

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