Tuesday Tidbits #71 Connected?

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A month ago I may have said… “Oh, I’ve been on my phone way too much today.” Or “let’s see if the iPad can sit idle for a while.” Or simply, “Let’s try to beat last weeks screen time!”

Yes, we are way too connected via texting, social media and countless emails.

HOWEVER… I’ve changed my tune since this world crisis.

Bee enjoying a Bottle Brush Bloom.

Now don’t get me wrong… I don’t think we should be on social media countless hours reading every news update on the pandemic. But… I do believe, now more then ever, we need to stay in touch with our friends and family. Social Media/technology maybe that avenue. Yes, a phone call or a face chat is so much better… but in these trying times, why not send a friend a message via Messenger. Why not shoot a text while your loved one is working at home at their kitchen table. Why not send an uplifting email to a friend. Simple and direct but thoughtful and loving. Now more then ever we need a friend or two that can give us a happy or considerate thought.

A backyard cactus bloom.

Reaching Out To Others is now more important then ever before.

A friend will love knowing you are okay. Your siblings may want that recipe that your Mom use to make and hear all is going well. A neighbor may need a silly text. The elderly (grandparents, mother in laws and father in laws) need to hear from you. Anything to brighten their day!

Lantana blooms from my walk.

I had a “virtual” Instagram friend send me a “voice message” on Instagram yesterday. Just a lovely hello and have a beautiful day. That virtual friend became real for an instant. Hearing her real voice made me smile… and you know what …she will remain “real” in my heart forever!

We love our Cactus Blooms!

Life is uncertain for many of us. The unknown scares us. Not being in control can put us in a whirlwind. But as soon as someone reaches out to us… for that simple moment… we feel nothing but JOY!

Our neighbors Lady Banks are blooming.

So please reach out to your people…

Your simple thoughts will mean more then you will ever know.

Receiving a grand daughters coloring book picture in the mail the other day… brought us BIG SMILES! Oh yea, it wasn’t sent via technology. It came in snail mail… and was a hard copy. LOL! But for an instant we thought about her and nothing else!

Rays from Heaven… God sending me his Good Thoughts via Sunlight!

Hope You Stay Connected… We NEED Your Good Thoughts!

A New Kind of Art happening Around Our Neighborhoods!

Thank you for the privilege of your time. Stay well my friends. 🙏🏻

33 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #71 Connected?

  1. Nancy, such beautiful and encouraging sentiments dear friend. I must say the bottle brush bloom is exquisite. I enjoyed seeing all of your blooms, brightened the early morning. The sidewalk chalk art made me smile! Have a lovely day dear one!♥️

    1. Thank you dear Pam!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed. And that bottle brush was loaded with bees! Honey is being made somewhere! 😊
      Stay well! ❤️🙏

  2. You are so right. In my last post, I made the same point–that all these devices that have kept us apart are now the very things that are keeping us together. Thanks for the beautiful photos. They made me smile.

  3. Hi Nancy, our connections are now more important than ever and I love reading your Tuesday Tidbits – they always provide a bit of sunshine. Stay well and stay safe, my friend, and enjoy these hugs from the other side of the world. 🤗🤗🤗

  4. In the past 2 days I’ve spoken to all 3 of my siblings who all live far away in different states, and all of my neighbors. So far everyone is good. But I’ve also seen on FB that someone I worked with more than 5 years ago has died at 57. It doesn’t say of what…but I didn’t know she was sick. So I wonder.

  5. We just saw our first Lady Banks today. I’m glad you included this in your post today. I’ve never seen this bush before and the one we saw was huge and packed with lemon yellow flowers. What great timing! Love the red cactus blooms. Take care!! Jeep trips in the desert!!

    1. Lady Banks are sooooo pretty! I’m glad you have them!
      And yes we have our beautiful desert to help us each day from this craziness!

  6. I just wanted you to know how much you are loved today! You always put a huge smile on my face with your beautiful pictures and your meaningful words. I’m just sending in return a note and a smile to you today. … There is no one quite like you; I think you are wonderful! Just know I am always here for you. I love you sister.

  7. I am with you totally about your message. I have been sending texts around reaching out friends who live overseas and of course my family as well. It’s been weird days lately. I do miss meeting them in flesh and bones rather than just textings or calls..but it feels good as well to hear their voices and to know that they are okay. Thank you for a wonderful post, Nancy!

  8. Thank you Nancy for such an uplifting post! You are so right about how important it is to reach out to someone these days. I had to smile when you described getting a drawing from your grandchild by snail mail. I still have a drawing on my refrigerator that one of my granddaughters sent me nine years ago when I was sick. She’s a teenager now but that picture always makes me happy. 🦋🌸🌺

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