Tuesday Tidbits #119 Spring has Arrived

Hello and Happy Spring!

Spring has arrived here in the desert… but it has been slow to show itself. I feel it’s because of the lack of rain we had this past year that I am not seeing as many desert wildflowers as usual.

Wild Lupines are few and far between.

But our Apricot Globe Mallow loves to show off.

Here it is blooming through the purple lantana.
It’s always a delight to see it start to bloom.

We had our first cactus bloom just yesterday!

And the roses are starting to show as well! The Peace roses are even beautiful when they are about to drop their petals.

Spring came inside too…

A bike ride to the park showed off some signs of Spring… I saw the hibiscus flowers all in bloom.

And at the park… I saw this week’s Feature Creature!

A frequent visitor …the Heron!

The park waterfalls are always a beautiful sight!

A ride in the desert to see our saguaros always makes me happy… even though the trail was a bit harrowing at times.

Oh… and I do have to share the latest accessory to our back side yard. It’s an old Wild, Wild West feature that Sweet Man built. It’s small and so darn cute! He even made the Keep Out Sign!

A miniature version of a Mine Entrance. Only a gnome or a Leprechaun can fit into it. 😊

Thank you for visiting us…

And joining us under our Ramada.

53 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #119 Spring has Arrived

    1. Good Morning Judy… I am so glad you enjoyed. And you said it perfectly. Beautiful day in the neighborhood! Thank you my friend! Enjoy your Tuesday!

  1. Good morning, Nancy. The wild lupine is beautiful as well as your Apricot Globe Mallow and peace rose. My garden is slowly coming back to life, we had a rainy and slightly cooler winter. Your home is beautiful inside and out. I would love to sit in your garden for a morning cup of coffee. Happy Tuesday, my friend!

    1. Good Morning Pam! We would chat all day. How fun that would be.
      It’s been a strange winter everywhere. There has been a lot of snow in the higher elevations so we are hoping for snow melt to trickle down to the Valley.
      I’m so glad you stopped by my friend. Have a lovely Tuesday!

  2. Looks absolutely pretty! 🙂 Here, we don’t have flowers yet. It’s only our Mexican Plums and Texas Redbuds that are blossoming yet.

  3. Not only did we not get the moisture, but I think we had a cooler than normal winter. The backyard is looking good and seeing all the flowers makes me happy. 😀

    1. I agree Ingrid… a strange winter.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the backyard… you have to come see the blooms!
      Enjoy your Tuesday!

  4. Good morning, Nancy! You have shared so many gorgeous florals with us. Spring is a little slow to show up here, too. I think it is because of the late winter storms that we had. Your living room is gorgeous decorated for the season. I love all of the pretty and bright colors that you chose. Happy Spring, sweet friend!

    1. Good Morning Shannon!
      Happy Spring! I think it’s been a strange winter for so many of us.
      Thank you so much for enjoying the flower therapy and our family room. We do enjoy color.
      Happy Tuesday dear Shannon!

  5. I think that Mrs Quail might make that little mine entrance home 🙂 and the flowers look lovely. Happy Tuesday to you, Nancy.

  6. You have such different plants from what we see here. I am enchanted by the Globe Mallow but really, by all of them. Only our daffodils are beginning to sprout here — it will be a long while before we see full flowering of most things. So it’s a lovely treat to be here! Happy week. (I think you stopped by — thank you!)

    1. I am so happy you enjoy our different plants.
      Oh and I did stop by. I enjoyed your dinner with friends!
      Happy Tuesday my friend.

  7. I love seeing your beautiful desert foliage Nancy, and hibiscus are my favorite! Your living room looks like a Spring garden! The mini mine entrance is so cute!

  8. Just beautiful Nancy! Your flowers are gorgeous and make your home so inviting. I love everything about it. I am just able to go outside, but so far I can only observe, admire and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Soon I will be able to plant and nurture my gardens.
    Hugs and Blessings my friend
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

    1. I thank God every day that you are a survivor! I am so happy you are able to get out and enjoy your gardens sweet friend. Happy Week to you!

    1. It gets a wee bit too hot in the summer here in the desert… so Pennsylvania calls our names.
      Thanks for enjoying the pictures!

  9. Even though your blossoms might not be as abundant this spring, the dessert still shows off its beauty, thanks for sharing your lovely photos Nancy.

    1. Good Morning Karen… you said it so perfectly. The desert does show off its’s beauty in many different ways. Thank you so much for enjoying it right along with us. And thanks so much for your kind words. Have a beautiful week my friend.

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