Tuesday Tidbits #138 A U G U S T

It’s August!

Cool mornings and cool nights!

At least for us here in Pennsylvania.

I enjoy the hydrangeas on cool early mornings when front porch sitting.
And back patio fires in the evenings.
With s’mores of course!

Produce Goodness

With August comes an abundance of produce from farm stands! So I’m always trying new ways to enjoy the local produce.

Italian Bread drizzled with olive oil and layered with mozzarella, tomatoes and Basil.
Or you just throw together the old familiar recipes. Summer Squash fritters, sweet corn and fresh beets. Country cooking at its best.
There’s always room for dessert! Farm stand peaches found their way into a homemade peach pie! It was delicious!

Potting Bench as a Buffet

The peppermint has taken over some of our gardens. I may have to do battle with it. But before I do… why not make Mint Juleps and enjoy a date night out on the back patio!

I enjoyed using my Mother’s vintage green glasses for our Mint Juleps.
I love this potting bench sweet man built for me!
Date Night!
Candle Glow

Feature Creatures

On our back patio we have been enjoying a nightly visit from our hummingbird friend and his buddy the hummingbird moth.

August Bouquets

We have lots of cutting gardens so the bouquets are constantly appearing in our home or outside.

Concerts Again

We were lucky to have a Concert rescheduled from last year. It was called the Happy Together Tour. A wonderful evening of many bands from the late 60’s/early 70’s.

The Vogues, The Association, The Cowsills, Gary Puckett from the Union Gap and The Turtles.
So Happy Together by the Turtles!

Reunion Time

My High School reunion … year 45… took place. What fun to see so many friends from the past. Not one of us looked a day over 18! 🤣

A ride into Cleveland, Ohio to see friends and family always makes my heart full. It’s a short two hours to Cleveland from the LakeHouse. How do they sing it…? “Reunited and it feels so good…!”

Another Weeks Flies By

That’s it for this week here at Two Trails One Road. I hope that you are able to get out and enjoy the dog days of August and make each day fun and relaxing too!

We always appreciate your visits!

36 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #138 A U G U S T

  1. Wonderful, Nancy, everything! It surely been cool here too! Your photos are cheerful—just like you! Our high school reunion is 46 years this year!😊 Been enjoying a fun week with some grandchildren. Took them to our fair!

    Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia bluerockhorses.com

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying a fun week with grandchildren. Did you eat some funnel cake at the fair?
      Thank you for the visit my friend! Happy Tuesday and enjoy those grandchildren!

    1. It was a beautiful week! And now it’s all here on my Blog Journal…it’s all documented. It’s why I enjoy blogging. And dear friends like you get to see it as well. Happy Tuesday! Thanks for your kind comments!

  2. Oh my. “The Vogues, The Association, The Cowsills, Gary Puckett from the Union Gap and The Turtles.” What fun. That clip sounded pretty good. Beautiful variety of photos. Did you try dipping your smores in Bud Light? It’s, aak aak akk, wonderful!😜

    1. Tim… I’m one to try new things. Dipping my s’more in Bud Light could happen this week! 😳
      The concert was fabulous! So fun to hear those songs again.
      Enjoy your Tuesday and your amazing skies tonight!

  3. Fun stuff Nancy, Mint juleps on the patio sounds wonderful! And the concert must have really been fun, amazing that those old bands are still performing! You are always up to something fun…I wish August would slow down just a little so we can enjoy the last part of summer!

  4. Nancy, you are never idle but always have fun things going on. I need a slice of peach pie to go with my coffee. The garden is providing beautiful bouquets for you to enjoy…so much summer goodness! I was showing hubby your videos from IG stories and he knew the name of the tour. He listens to Phlash Phelps “60’s” on Sirius on his way to the office every morning and Phlash has been talking about it. The potting bench is styled to perfection, my friend. Mint will take over, so you might be making a lot of mint juleps! Happy Tuesday!

    1. I just pulled a whole entire garbage bag of mint! Crazy how it took over this one little garden.
      I’m so glad Butch knew about the Happy Together Tour. I guess they do this every year! It was wonderful.
      The peach pie was delicious. I have a new pie crust recipe that made it flaky and moist.
      Thank you for all your sweetness Pam. Happy Tuesday!

  5. One Week! No way! There is just too much going on to fit into a mere seven days. You must be delighted (thrilled even) to be out and about and enjoying your little slice of heaven.

  6. Gorgeous, everything is beautiful. I love the green theme. 🙂 I didn’t know you were back blogging. I saw your post on Instagram, no email, so I came to check. I don’t understand why I’m not getting your posts. 🙁

    1. It happens… WordPress gets hiccups at times. I’m glad you came over to check on me. Thank you for enjoying!
      Have a great week!

  7. Nancy, it looks like you have had a fun and busy week! All of your summer dishes look so yummy, and your peach pie looks so pretty! Your flower bouquets are beautiful. Wishing you a most blessed and happy week ahead, sweet friend!

  8. It looks like you two have been really enjoying summer! Date night looks so romantic. 🙂 Enjoy the cooler weather! We had a really nice day today but the temps and humidity are going back up tomorrow. I might just have to come up there with you until summer ends! 😂

  9. Great pictures….thanks for sharing! You took me down memory road with the concert pics!! All favorite groups of mine!! Congrats on your 45th reunion. I can’t believe it, but my 50th is next year!! Wow…time does fly!!

    1. Time does fly by Kirt… I do agree.
      The concert was fabulous and they are touring so look for them to come into your area. They have been doing this every year for several years except for last year.
      Thanks so much for the visit.
      And remember… we aren’t old, just older. 😊

  10. You need to come and decorate my house! Your mom’s glasses are so pretty! I planted spearmint once about 25 years ago. It was so invasive we spent years ripping it out. About two weeks ago my husband said when he was cutting the grass he smelled it still. Taking the grandkids to the Science Center next week. Your pictures are so beautiful Nancy and you can cook for me anytime!

    1. You are just the sweetest Diane. Thank you!
      And the mint is still growing from when my Mom planted it! (50+ years ago) Yikes!
      Have a lovely weekend my friend and thanks for the visit.

  11. I always love your fresh cut flowers, and today I do admire your date night. That takes a special effort. “So Happy Together” certainly brings back memories, but it won’t be at my high school reunion. It should have been 50 years in June of 2020. It has been rescheduled several times and has just been cancelled again. We need to start living again, folks!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoy the flowers and date night. And if the So Happy Together comes near you… try to go. They tour every summer.
      Thanks so much for the visit.

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