Tuesday Tidbits #148 Homecoming in Edinboro

Let’s Just Sit and Take it All In!

Take a beautiful lake and then add some Autumnal feels… how wonderful!

Okay, then it gets better… add some Tartan Plaid and Homecoming festivities to this little town called Edinboro. It gets even better!

Beautiful Friends of Mine!
Parade Watchers!
Love our little town!

It was a wonderful Homecoming! I’m so glad we stayed for it!

Now it’s time to get the yard ready for winter here at the LakeHouse… before the mushrooms called Puff Balls take over!

Puff Balls

That’s all I have for you this week! More for you next week… Have a wonderful week my friends! Thank you for the visit!

Fall is here.
The colors of Autumn.

18 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #148 Homecoming in Edinboro

  1. Autumn in all of its glory has definitely arrived at the lake! I love the puff balls. How fun that you were able to stay over for homecoming. I love all of the tartan. The guy wearing the tartan suit is hilarious.

    I know it is always bittersweet to pack up and leave. Happy Tuesday, my friend!

  2. Beautiful fall colors, great celebration, and the smiles tell the story. Great weekend. I’ve never seen that many mushrooms all lined up like that. Pretty interesting. Happy fall gardening and getting ready for returning to your dessert oasis.

  3. What a great homecoming you had, Nance. The Tartan is a fantastic Edinburg U touch. Thanks for bringing us with you. Have a good trip back west, if that’s happening this week …

  4. I’m not tho only one seeing red. You all look lovely in your red Tartan Plaid. Those fungi are fascinating.

  5. Good morning, Nancy! It looks like you are having a wonderful time. Your fall photographs are beautiful! Enjoy your week, sweet friend!

  6. Nancy I love when you post pics of your visits back East. You are so lucky to have two homes to ‘go home’ to. Love the bright tartan plaid…you look good my friend. What fun is Homecoming???? Yay! I even like your little puff balls. Oh, the joy of the seasons and all God’s creations. Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Fall

  7. Those Puff Ball Mushrooms do look like they are about to take over the garden. I’d be scared – very scared. BTW, Nancy, you look amazing in red tartan 🥰 Actually, you always look amazing.

  8. Edinboro grads take their homecoming fun quite seriously. I love the decking out in plaid–so festive. I’ve never seen mushrooms growing like that; they look like little yeast rolls. Thanks for sharing. I hope your closing down efforts go well.

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