Tuesday Tidbits #135 ~Is it Raining?

Don’t Forget the Umbrella

And you better grab the oar too. That’s right friends… we went from hot and humid… to cool, wet and rainy! The gardens are growing mold and the flowers are bent over from the heavy downpours.

Grab the tartan plaid umbrella and the oar next to it.

Welcome to Another Week of Tuesday Tidbits!

Hello and welcome in. So with all this rain and cool temps I stayed inside and cooked up a great big pot of Corn Chowder. It was delicious! I even added some browned ground Turkey.

Corn Chowder with Ground Turkey

Delicious Homemade Corn Chowder
At least it’s sunny inside!

I posted how I made the Corn Chowder on my Instagram account so I copied it from there and am sharing it with you down below. I didn’t follow a recipe… this is my version.

The chowder tasted delicious here in our kitchen.


It did stop raining long enough so that I could get some kayaking in. (I’m pretty sure I’m still the only one on the lake with a purple Kayak!) There’s just something about kayaking. It’s so relaxing.

Just me, my purple kayak and the Canadian Geese Parade!
The view from my kayak!
Coffee comes along for the ride.

And speaking of purple… we had our first Morning Glory Bloom this week!

It has bloomed a few more times since this one.

Summer Blooms

Summer garden bouquets are made between the raindrops…

I place the vases on the porch for easy assemblage. That bigger milk jug is from my childhood. I remember going to that dairy to get Milk!
The coneflowers and daisies are wishing for more sun!

Tacos Anyone?

Since it is Tuesday we will head down to Crossroads Dinor, a local eatery, for Taco Tuesday. (3 Tacos for $5!) We usually get the Pulled Pork Tacos. The pulled pork is smoked in house. These are as delicious as they look!


On the way home we may stop and get some frozen ice. Yum!

Flavored Ice found down at the Beach.

The Western United States

I am praying that some of this rain could be delivered to the Southwest and anywhere else that they may need it. It has not rained for months where we live in AZ!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope the sun shines or the rain falls where you need it. Enjoy the rest of your week friends.