Tuesday Tidbits #31

It’s Tuesday… and practically mid June!

Happy Tuesday my friends!

Fun is being had here in NW Pennsylvania and because of that… time is going by quickly! Sweet man bought us a 2 person kayak and we have gone out on the lake… so fun!

It’s Lake Living!

After all the fun…

…we head to the local Dinor. This past winter we were so sad when we heard it closed… but it has reopened under new management!

Our Dinor

has been in town since 1929. So when it closed… we were devastated. Now under new management… it’s back! How do you spell it… Dinor, Diner?

How ’bout those fries… yum!

How ’bout that Lake…

We are not the only ones enjoying the lake…

…how ’bout those flowers! The lake is surrounded by them.

…the lake wildlife is not taken for granted…

It’s Lake Living…

Thank you for visiting. Come back again.

Until Next Time~ Nancy

44 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #31

  1. So beautiful Nancy….thanks for sharing your lovely lake and diner. What fun to kayak to lunch. I am sure you miss your AZ but are happy to be back in PA. It is so nice to have two wonderful homes to split between the weather…so to speak. 🙂 Hugs dear friend.

      1. ❤ Your post about the waterfalls brought back memories that have stayed with me, Nancy. At 13 years old I stood at the edge of Victoria Falls in Rhodesia, as it was named then, and my heart took pictures. The sound and the feel of the place. Your post awoke those memories. ❤

  2. Fun indeed! Love all the flowers and birds. And any time out on the water is a great time. We made it to the Black Hills in SD and it’s cold and rainy. This desert dweller is in shock 🙄😆🤔

    1. I will as soon as I get them painted! Lol!

      We are fortunate in our area of Arizona we have many lakes. But this lake here in Pennsylvania has a special place in my heart… I grew up on that lake!

  3. What beautiful photos! I am pinning some for future paintings! Looks like total summer fun at your lake, and that goodness your favorite diner reopened! Those fries…

  4. This brings back so many memories, my husband used to do triathalons all the time! I watched from the sidelines with a stroller and cheered him on~ your photos are fabulous, you captured the feel of the race!

    1. It’s in Edinboro. It’s Crossroads Dinor. It has been around since I was a little girl. It was only a trolley at first and they have added onto it.
      With this new management they have brought back 6:30 a.m. breakfast and homemade pies!

      I think I know the one you speak of in Erie! But forgot it’s name.

  5. yay for Lake Living!!! Looks like a wonderful time surrounded by beautiful nature! It’s actually making me a bit homesick- reminds me so much of a summer in OH. Thank you for sharing ❤

    1. Ohio will always be there waiting for you and if it makes you feel any better… it’s been raining here ALOT!!

      Thank you for visiting sweet friend!

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