Tuesday Tidbits #235 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Hello Friends


Hello Tuesday!

Glad to see you back for another Tuesday Tidbits! It’s been damp… not as bad as in some parts of our nation. The North East has had its fair share of rain. My heart aches for Vermont with all of its flooding—prayers for them. So many of us look forward to summer all year long, then it rains and rains and rains. Our home in AZ is longing for rain. It’s been so hot in that area, and there has not been one drop of rain.

Fog on the water.

One morning I watched the fog dissipate over the lake. It was captivating to watch. The water was so still, and only the passing geese could be heard. Did you know that geese chat with each other while paddling by? I found the chatter to be quite interesting.

They do chit-chat with each other.

Like a sheet of glass. When I was young we loved taking the boat out and skiing on a lake that was this smooth!


With all the rain and humidity we find mushrooms in our backyard! These are the biggest we have ever seen. They are the size of a small plate!

The next day the small one grew bigger as well.

Baci Winery

We did get out and enjoy the area on a dry day. The guys golfed, and the gals went to a few wineries. Baci, a new winery, may become a new favorite. The wine was delicious, as well as the food. It was fun to catch up with my sister and great gal pal!

This Chardonnay Reserve was robust and velvety!


A day of boating was had as well! We sure do love being out on the lake. It’s quite calming…


On another day, my kayak took me to this pretty lily pad flower.



Due to the overabundance of rain, I have not had to water the gardens, and the flowers are doing well! I have enjoyed making more bouquets for the indoors.

Bringing the outdoors in.
Flowers for the bathroom.

What’s Blooming?

Lilys are in bloom all around Lakeside. Whenever I see a new one, I take a picture to share with you.

Be still my heart!
Our Double Lily.

Another Street Post

On my walks, I try to find interesting street posts for you. The Borough planned on tearing them down as new street signs were put in to replace them. Lakeside Association decided it would be fun to paint them! Many artists stepped up to the plate, well, in this case, the post!

Many historical places were decoupaged onto this post.
My favorite is the Canoe Club! My place to be when we were teenagers!

A Visitor

We were delighted to see a Rose Breasted Grossbeak at our feeder!

Lake Cottages

I like to share my walks with you and a glimpse of Lakeside.


Thank You!

We had a wonderful week!

As I always try to convey… we certainly appreciate all of you. Thank you for joining us for another Tuesday Tidbits.

We wish all of you a wonderful week ahead. Enjoy what this upcoming week brings to you. And whatever you have planned… make every day count and be thankful for your Blessings.

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57 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #235 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it. But you know how beautiful our lake is already. It’s why we come back year after year!
      Have a beautiful day!

  1. We too have been having a lot of summer rain. We are now at the point of saying please shut off the faucet. Some of our plants have had too much water and are suffering because of it. Like you, we are trying to get out and enjoy summer before it’s gone. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures with us Nancy. I hope you have a beautiful week.

  2. Wine, golf and a glassy lake … a great week for you two I can see, Nance! May rain nourish our dry areas and leave those who’ve had enough in this week ahead.

  3. Nancy, your summer cottage and lake are always fun to visit. We need some rain with our sweltering heat, send a shower to us. Wet weather provides plenty of mushroom growth, some large and most unusual! Your flowers are always beautiful and thank you for sharing them. When we were a little younger, we loved skiing on a sheet of glass! No other boats causing waves and no wind. The last time I water skied was eleven years ago and I haven’t snow skied in twenty years. How fun to visit a new winery. Wishing you a beautiful day 💛

    1. The last time I went snow skiing was when I was in high school. And I went water skiing in College. So many moons ago! 😁
      Thanks for all the love, sweet Pam!

  4. I think that might be one of my favorites of the street posts. I love how they do these. And your walk certainly has some charming houses! The weather — everyone’s talking about it and no one is satisfied! We could use about 10 more degrees but poor Phoenix is in a hot mess, no pun intended.

  5. Your lake pics look so refreshing. We are beyond parched.without a drop of moisture in what seems like forever. The past several weeks have been brutal here in the desert southwest. Hope you continue to enjoy the rain and time on the lake!

    1. Our friends have been telling us how hot it is! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
      Sending cool breezes your way!
      Enjoy your week, Ingrid!

  6. I always enjoy your walks and lake views Nancy! Yes prayers for Vermont and Arizona, so hot! I am spending July on the coast and so appreciate the sea breezes. We have have a rainy summer so our flowers are very happy too. Your bouquets are so pretty, I love that double lily! How fun to have a girls day at a winery, I used to love doing that when I lived in California. Have a wonderful rest of the week, Happy Tuesday!

  7. What a beautiful area! I appreciate you sharing it with us! Lovely photos and I love the idea of turning the old posts into NEW works of art. Excellent!

  8. Oh…the lily pad flower and the pics of the lilies…and your arrangements. So pretty! Thanks for brightening my morning, Nancy. xo! 🥰

  9. So much to comment on, Nancy! Love the first shot of the foggy lake! I think the entire west is hot and dry–I suppose it has to rain somewhere, so enjoy it while you can. Your kayaking trip looks fun (I hope to get out myself next week) and your floral bouquets look beautiful! Enjoy your week!

  10. I like those decorated posts, Nancy, and the flowers are just glorious. Evidently somewhere in the Phoenix area got some rain yesterday but nowhere else. If we could just have a water pipeline from Vermont to AZ… Thanks for the relaxing, cooling photos. The winery looks delightful. 🙂

    1. I have had all my AZ friends on my mind. It has to cool down for all of you!
      Sending cooling thoughts your way.
      Thank you also for your kind words!

  11. Your Lakeside community is so nice. Between the lovely area and God watering the plants for you, it sounds like a great place to be.

  12. Your flowers are beautiful, and I can imagine a day on the lake recharges the batteries. Your winery visit looked line fun, and I always love seeing the cottages. The flag on the roof of the cottage is also something I’ve never seen before. Always a good time on Tuesdays!

  13. Wish we would get some of your rain, and give Vermont a rain rest. Terribly dry here…Those cottages are just as happy looking as the flowers are beautiful, Nancy! Another blessed week, yes? Blessed means fullness of joy. Indeed! 👏❤️

  14. Good morning, Nancy! The water views are gorgeous. Your flowers bouquets and blooms are beautiful. I loved seeing the lake cottages. Wishing you a wonderful week, sweet friend!!

  15. Those mushrooms were huge. I loved seeing the rose breasted grossbeak. All your bouquets and flowers are lovely. I enjoyed your winery tours and cottages.

  16. The lily’s are so beautiful! The calm lake is captivating. I love living close to several lakes. It is peaceful and full of life at the same time. As always, I really enjoy your photos. Let’s pray that AZ get some rain as well. The weather is crazy in so many places.

    1. Hello Maria it’s so nice to hear from you. You described lake life so perfectly.
      Thanks so much for the visit and your sweet comments.

    1. Yes!
      But some of my friends in the North Eastern part of the country are wanting it to stop… they have been over saturated where roads are caving in and basements have been flooded.

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