Tuesday Tidbits #242 Number 9 is Here

It’s Here, September has Come! The 9th month has arrived.

I’m enjoying late summer and slowly accepting that Autumn is on its way.


“Late summer heading into early autumn is such a beautiful
time of the year. You can feel everything growing still and soft; nature is slowing down and people
are getting cozy. The most stunning colors can be found outdoors at this time.” ~Fiona Ferris


Even the Turkeys are headed for the hills as they sense Fall is coming and so is Thanksgiving!

We saw this family on a drive last week.

Labor Day Weekend

I hope your Labor Day weekend was fun, relaxing, and eventful. We spent some time on the lake. The crowded lake had 30 motorboats, four jet skis, and a kazillion kayaks! Watching those boats pulling skiers or tubes maneuver the boat-filled lake was amazing.

Busy Lake

We even got an evening cruise in.

Forever Friends

Before the weekend, we had a little getaway to the Cleveland, Ohio, area to spend time with friends. The guys golfed, the gals shopped (I bought something and will share it with you later in the post), and then we visited a winery. Our time together was priceless. Precious time spent with Lifelong friends rejuvenates the soul.

A Friendship Bouquet!
Forever Friends

Friendship is a wildly underrated medication. ~Anna Deavere Smith

Another fabulous winery!

We have a tree covered in ivy, and I wanted the perfect face to place on it. Please let me introduce Ivy, our new Garden Friend. She is my recent purchase from my day of shopping with friends.

Ivy loves her new home! And we love her!

When we returned these friends were waiting to spend time together. It’s a blessing to have such beautiful friendships!


September Colors

The coneflowers are still going strong and the Butterflies enjoy them.
The seasons are changing. Do you see the Heron and the orange colored leaves on the ground?

We must not forget my colorful Ohio State Buckeyes Necklace! College Football has begun! I am ready!

That’s all I have for you this week. I am going to try to enjoy the late-summer temperatures and beautiful weather. I’ll have more for you next week.

Thank You!

As I always try to convey… we certainly appreciate all of you. Thank you for joining us for another Tuesday Tidbits.

We wish all of you a wonderful week ahead. Enjoy what this upcoming week brings to you. And whatever you have planned… make every day count and be thankful for your Blessings.

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44 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #242 Number 9 is Here

  1. I love the sunset lake photos, Nance! So beautiful. You Buckeye necklace reminds me that midway into the season, we’ll be rooting against each other, Maryland vs. Ohio State!

  2. I love the poem at the beginning of your post, Nancy – especially this: “You can feel everything growing still and soft; nature is slowing down and people
    are getting cozy.” Yes, yes! And your post – full of beautiful photos – friends and nature? So good. Love your Buckeyes necklace! 😉

  3. Fun with friends and beautiful flowers, food for the soul! Glad you got in a lot of lake time for Labor Day fun, and yay for college football! Love your Buckeye necklace! Have a great week Nancy!

  4. Nancy, thanks for sharing the beauty of a Midwest autumn. I miss that, although we have our own beauty here. Your Buckeye necklace made me laugh because we’re naturally Buckeye fans and also Nebraska fans, as that’s where I grew up. Nebraska didn’t fare well but the Buckeyes managed a win. We’ll see how the season goes.

    What a joy to be able to spend time with your friends! Keeping in touch with friends is such a worthwhile to spend time and to be able to get together in person is the best. That’s one reason I love going back to Illinois whenever I can.

  5. Nancy, this is a lovely post with so many wonderful photos! Where do I begin? Goldenrod always signals autumn, its color is gorgeous. Love the bicolor sunflower and the turkey family. The lake was crowded, wow the sunset is stunning. Friendships that endure for a lifetime are the best. I always say that those friends share our history and we share theirs. You have so much fun and stay active, that keeps us young. Ivy has found the perfect new home and family, she looks charming! Your garden is beautiful, the sedum is amazing! Wishing you a beautiful week, dear one!

  6. Lovely Nancy and what a wonderful time to share with old friends. It looked like you were having fun. I cherish my friends and my church family mean so much to me. We relaxed on Labor Day but had a feast from the smoker which made the sides from friends even more special. I love when we can share meals and friendships. Your lake looks inviting and your pics are amazing. One almost feels they are there with you. Your flowers are still going strong. Some of mine have given up due to the high heat so I will live vicariously through yours. Have a safe and Blessed weeik.

  7. Happy Tuesday, Nancy! I am so happy that you had fun with your friends. All of the blooms you shared are beautiful! I especially love the sedum. My Autumn Joy sedum is starting to turn pink. Wishing you a blessed week!

  8. I love that part of Fiona’s quote “. . . nature is slowing down and people are getting cozy.” How lovely. I guess your time at the lake will be coming to an end soon and you’ll be back in your beloved Arizona – enjoy the time you have left and keep sharing those wonderful photos. Wishing you a wonderful week too, Miss Nancy 🥰

  9. There is nothing better than spending time with good friends and it sounds like you maxed it out. Wasn’t the weather lovely for Labor Day? After so much wind, rain and cool over the summer, it was so very welcome — the only regret being having to pack up and leave the lake. I’m glad you are still at yours!

    1. Yes indeed the weather was outstanding! And yes, we are not leaving yet.
      I’m so glad you had a nice Labor Day weekend.
      Thanks for the love!

  10. Nancy, you are so full of life and joy! Your photos are priceless. I want to hop on the boat with you and pet the bee in the pink flower. (just kidding about the bee!) Perfect photos for WQ orange/gold this week. Thanks for sharing you wonderful tidbits.

  11. My comment came up with a big frownnie face! How sad because this is such a joyful, full of life post! Thank you for sharing you lovely tidbits. I wanted to climb on the boat and even though I told you in my first comment that I wanted to pet the bee, I lied. He is cute though. 🙂

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